Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This isn’t about Healthcare

This isn’t about Healthcare
Al Ritter

For the last year and a half we have not been dealing with individual mandates that the liberal progressives want, we have been dealing with ideologies. To the liberals, ideology means everything. To Obama one successful campaign after another is all his Presidency will ever be about, because he lacks the leadership skills to transfer his campaign skills into managerial skills. Obama leaves the “details” to people like Emanuel and Axlerod, which make the glaringly obvious contradictions all that more apparent.

To understand the left you need to understand the intent. They intend to transform America from what it started as in 1776 to yet another country that looks, acts, and smells like any other country in the European Union. They seek to even out the economic playing field among their citizens, but at the same time exclude themselves, and the special interests that put them into a position of power, from said policies.

Their aim is to tax the upper class even more than it’s taxed now, and inflict an inequitable structure to divide the classes. This move clearly shows that they intend to start inter-class wars, and to vilify the business world and those who work cleverly enough or smart enough to make money.

America became world leaders during the Industrial Revolution, when the cleverest of entrepreneurs designed and built the machinery to bring us into the next century. It is amazing to think that our meteoric rise to world leadership has happened in a relatively short period of 230 years. Our patent offices were the very basis of rewarding the best thinkers in our country.

Policies of this administration will reverse that capitalistic advantage that the United States has always enjoyed. Research and technological advances will become things of the past because the government will deem them unnecessary, and needless money wasters. Under the new healthcare laws, the privacy of your medical history will become a thing of the past, medical insurance fraud will flourish, and the government bureaucracy will have to double to handle the load. Doctors are already being told what they can earn through the “doc fix” which is sort of ironic, because it has fixed nothing, only kicked the ball farther down the road for someone else to fix. Student loans have been taken over by the government now, added to the other monopolies the government owns.

Publicly owned companies have become the targets of government. It used to be they were only answerable to their shareholders, but according to this administration, the government can place salary caps on management, placed by some third rate bureaucrat. Who will be next? You silently watch while the new policies don’t affect you, but you can bet they will eventually. Will you voice your opinion then?

It’s funny how the government sees Corporations as the bad guys, and patents as holding the monopolies of this country, but in actuality the private sector knows how to make the money, but the government only knows how to take the money from the golden goose and distribute it to the people THEY see as fit recipients. To give a glaring example of government greed isn’t difficult. Let’s look at the oil companies, they make billions of dollars a year, but they sell billions of gallons a year and their profit margin is tight, some say as little as 3 cents a gallon. The government retrieves more in taxes than the oils companies make in profit on the products. Add that to the fact that the government invests nothing in the way of cost to reap their benefits, no research, no refineries, no employees…….NOTHING. Who is the bigger thief here?

It all boils down to one question. Do you think that government should participate in the social programs and agenda to make one person pay for benefits of another, or do you believe that every person should be responsible for themselves?
Everyone needs to pick a side on this debate, there can be no middle of the road here, and citizens who wander in the middle of the road get hit by traffic.


Kevin said...

Nazism: Government control of private industry / business.

Obama = Nazism

barb p said...

That is a definite truth...

Stopthepresses2 said...

I am sure that the people that believe in Obama’s socialistic programs our in the minority, but the problem faced by conservative is that that same minority controls academia and the mainstream media. I like to call them two heads of the three headed monster that is obama’s socialist support system, with the third head being the unions. I caution my fellow American to not sit back and wait for the November election, but to instead to take the fight to the socialist. We are working to expose and stop the bias mainstream media. Will you join us?

Unknown said...

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