Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How many times do I get to vote again?

How many times do I get to vote again?
Al Ritter

REAL Americans know that when voting time comes, we get to vote ONCE and only once. Liberals have never played by the same rules and Federal Judge Stephen Robinson thinks similarly, he cited that the “one person one vote” idea violated the Voting Rights Act in Port Chester, NY. A town of nearly 50% Latino population of approx. 30,000 residents had no representation in the six trustee seats. This town of a majority of white voters was told that Latinos would be allowed to vote six times to compensate for low Latino representation in government.

One has to wonder what this Judge is thinking when it comes to the “will of the people.” I don’t see how this obvious violation of the “intent of the law” can be left to stand. Hopefully a law suit will appeal this travesty of justice and the right of the voters. Hopefully this Judge can be run out of the state on a rail, and even better have his license removed to practice law in the future!


Kevin Bryant said...

I'm part Irish, that should be worth 3 votes plus I am part german so I should get to add 3 more votes plus being american qualifies me for 1 vote so I should be allowed to vote 7 times.

barb p said...

He NEEDS to be run out of town!!!!!

pamela m said...

How the hell did he get to be a judge in the first place...he obviously doesn't know the law?