Monday, August 30, 2010

Should America be stepping back into the 7th century?

Should America be stepping back into the 7th century?
Al Ritter

I thought we as a country had settled the separation of “church and state” issue but lately I am wondering. We have come a long way since 1776, and the Constitution is one of those defining moments but lately the Democrats want to not only rewrite history but they also want to rewrite law that has decided by our own Supreme Court.

Right or wrong the liberals wanted our country to separate our laws and government from the church, and yet now they want to reintroduce church into our law. In the interest of political correctness they want the American people to not only accept the Muslims religion but to accept Sharia law and integrate it into our system of judicial acceptance.

Well, I have a message for those liberals; our country and the Muslim religion have a long standing history of bad blood. Our dear President Obama has declared that we are not at war with the Islamic faith, and yet the attacks that we have endured as Americans have told a different story.

We are surrendering our Constitution to a bunch of individuals that believe in and celebrate a religion that is not on a mere religion but a way of life. The Muslim religion is not only a socio-economic group but one that intertwines religion into law. Our laws state that religion has a basis, but never one that trumps the federal.
We are poised to accept a religion in our country that not only denies women’s rights, but denies basic sensibilities. The Muslim religion allows the marriage of minor children, stoning of women for the sins of a husband, and brutal torture for minor law violations that goes WAY beyond waterboarding.

Why would we sacrifice our way of life for a 7th century way of life that is not only backwards, but violates everything we hold dear as a nation? Have we become so compliant to the requests of others that we deny the very strides we have accomplished in the 234 years? Better still, do we give in to a religion that flourishes in countries where the literacy rates barely exceed 14%?

Granted our country is not the most educated or sophisticated in the world, but we have obtained one of the highest statures in the world in our comparatively short country history. Why would we prefer to move back in history to accommodate a third world country religion that violates everything our country stands for? Should we give up everything our country stands for in the name of “Political Correctness?”

America needs to wake up, our country is being invaded from the south by illegal aliens, and from the east in the name of religious freedom.


barb p said...

You are so right Al...what a horrific shame!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent insight. Yes, we are going backwards not forwards and Barak Obama is leading us back to the past.