Friday, August 20, 2010


Kevin Bryant

Most of the primaries are over and in every state so far, there has been as much bickering about who won certain nominations has there has been celebrations of those victories. The nominees aren’t conservative enough or they are too conservative. They agree too much with Bush policies or agree too much along the lines of Reagan.

Way back a long time ago in history (2008), we had the same problem. There were too many people on both sides who were fed up with George Bush and especially his domestic policies during his last term in office. Republicans by the 1000’s stayed home and refused to vote because Grandpa McCain was the party nomination as Bush’s successor. Too many people took the attitude that I am a Romney or Huckabee supporter and there is no way I am going to vote for Grandpa. Well, by staying home, you got your just reward, Grandpa wasn’t elected president and all of you who chose to stay home have been complaining about Obama since the day he was sworn in.

So what if Rand Paul or Sharron Angle or whoever won the nomination in your state wasn’t your choice. Is your decision not to back the candidate that did win the primary doing you or the other party’s candidate more good? My guess is the other party is better served by you sitting at home and still steaming because the candidate of your choice lost. Here in Missouri, I’m not overly thrilled with Roy Blunt as the successor of Kit Bonds but it certainly beats having Robin Carnahan in office giving Obama two automatic yes votes from Missouri.

It’s time to either unite or surrender. What will your choice be?

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turk182 said...

I only hope that Republicans come out in droves for this election which should be considered a country saving measure this year!