Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Has Obama helped or hurt America?

Has Obama helped or hurt America?
Al Ritter

President Obama ran his campaign in 2007 on uniting America, but has he really? Policies on taxation and welfare have divided America even further and in many respects served to cause even more class warfare than any time in the past. His answer has been to give more Americans welfare and social programs than any President in the past, thereby raising the bar of any person considered “in poverty.” Following those actions, President Obama has now claimed that the divide between those in poverty and those who are wealth is even farther apart, but is that actually true?

The actual term poverty means different things to different people. The final decider of poverty is the government who raises that level on almost a yearly basis. Most social programs of the government are based on percentages of poverty. Never is the term used in under a 100% basis. For instance the government will use a term such as 120% of poverty to describe the ability for a person to apply for public assistance. In laymen’s terms, that means someone making 20% more than the poverty level can apply to the program. This effectively raises the level of poverty without making the formal decoration by congress. Institution of these floating levels of poverty allows the government to make false claims about how many Americans are poor.

Racial equality has been another issue with this President. Unfortunately African-Americans are taking the brunt of Obama’s isolating remarks dealing with race. When he sides with a college professor before knowing the facts in a criminal investigation and demonizes the police department, he drives a wedge in between white and black America. When he forces the DOJ to drop a case already tried in court and received a conviction for no particular reason other than the people convicted were part of the new Black Panther party that drives a wedge in between black and white America. On the campaign promise of delivering a more united America, the President has failed miserably.In fact Obama's actions may very well have set back race relations 100 years.

President Obama has been the master of promises, both in his campaign and in his presidency, but has failed miserably on his ability to make good on those promises. He has lied repeatedly on Gitmo, Iraq, the economy, the unemployment problem, health care, taxes, cap and trade, illegal immigration, and on and on. His inability to tell the truth not only hurts Americans, but hurts our country in foreign eyes. Even though George Bush’s policies near the end of his presidency didn’t sit well with the American people, there was never an inconsistent word about his need to protect the American people.

The apology tour that President Obama embarked upon in the European nations was a monumental disaster for the good of our country. Obama weakened our stance in the world court of power. His apologies did almost as much to hurt this country as the crumbling of the Berlin Wall did to hurt the USSR. His consistent pandering to foreign countries and enemies of the state, have not only hurt our standing in the world’s eye, but in some cases bordered on treasonable acts according to our Constitution.

The Constitution has always been a firewall against a group intent on hurting our national freedom. Obama and company have done their best to trample that document to the fullest. We have gone from a nation of laws to a nation of mob rule. Right now in Congress laws are being forced through on daily basis without so much as a discussion from both sides of the aisle, in fact most vote counts are done in secret to avoid any involvement from the republican representation. Is this right? Is this the way our founding fathers intended the process to be done? If allowed to continue in this direction we are well on our way to one party rule, and what almost always follows one party rule is dictatorship.

Are we better now than we were on December 31, 2006?..............remember the democrats took over the government in January 2007.


barb p said...

Unfortunatley I have to agree Al...our country is really in a very sad state. I sure pray the election will help to improve things...

Q.D. Thompson said...

Keep jabbing, Al; I agree; if we don't clean house in D.C., we'll sink. Looks as if we are drowning already.

Anonymous said...

I respect what you said, but you are not entirely accurate on everything. I spent most of my adult life as a reporter.

I agree that Obama has not been the best president to date, but if you are going to make accusations, you must give proof. Proof that can be traced back to fact.

It has become an endless argument. Pick a side and stand up! That is not America. We are in this together still, aren't we? The UNITED States.

The economy was on the decline way before Obama even made it to the oval office. Remember the bank crash? Remember the .coms? Who was in the oval office then?

Over the last 30 years, 80 percent of this nation's wealth has gone to the top 1 percent of this country. 80 percent.

Check the National Census and Statistics website.

During the Reagan years, he balanced the budget by borrowing money from everyone outside of our borders. He doubled the national debt in 8 years. After decreasing taxes tremendously, the middle class carried the tax burdens. Plus, he took away deductions that a lot of us need.

Who pays the taxes? Corporations don't. They pass them on to us. Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel will tell you that.

And if we want to talk about welfare, corporations and farmers get billions upon billions of government subsidies. That is all public record on any of the .govs you want to google.

Now we owe money to more than half the world.

In 2000, we had a surplus. Now we have so much debt we can't see straight. What does that tell you?

George W. Bush told the whole country that he was a "war president" and that Saddam Hussein tried to "kill his dad" while we were sending kids to the desert in droves.

Why didn't we stay on bin Laden's trail? He was persona non-gratta.

Obama lies about the war? Show me. Who got us there in the first place? There were no weapons of mass destruction. They are in Iran and Pakistan. But we won't go there. What happened to "you're either with us or against us?" You remember what happened the last time we went to Iran.

There are terrorist cells in Scandanavian countries, Asia, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. Why Iraq? I think I already answered that question.

Have I ad nauseum'd this enough? Can we agree to disagree and work together to fix this problem?

But I will say again that I respect your opinion and the fact that you took time to write it. I may not 100 percent agree with everything, but that's OK. That's a freedom we have as Americans.

Let me leave you with this:

- George W. Bush had the right idea when he lowered taxes.
- Ronald Reagan did create an economic standard that - if used correctly - could be our saving grace.
- There are too many people drawing entitlements in this country. But if you eliminate or reduce it on one side, it should be done across the board. The huge corporate machines that get billions in subsidies are now sitting on so much cash they could buy three planets. Quit giving them money when they have MOST of it any way. And don't pay people to have children and sit at home all day.
- Get rid of Obama care altogether. The only thing I like about Obama Care is no pre-existing conditions. Capitalism is a beautiful thing, but greed can turn it into a nightmare. We see that now.

Even Ronald Reagan said bankers' greed was the reason for high interest rates that kept Americans barely able to make ends meet.
- We have to take care of our old and sick. Social security is still a good thing. But it MUST be used correctly. If someone commits a felony while drawing disability, especially if it is drug related, stop all payments. They are on their own.

Any way. I enjoyed reading your article. Keep it up!

republican patriot said...

I just LOVE comments like this one above, written by someone who doesn't want to be known, but still wants his voice heard never the less. If you were a regular reader to my blog, you would know that I supply proof of all my claims. You want to know who is responsible for the economic collapse? Try this one on for size..... or just search my blogsite by using the following search words. Community Reinvestment Act. Liberal reporters such as yourself are so biased in your reporting that you should NEVER consider yourself a journalist. At least I call myself a conservative blogger. People KNOW where I stand but you on the other hand label yourself as a journalist, and as such have a creed which you are supposed to report by, one that is unbiased...what a joke that is in your case....I hope you have since retired!