Monday, October 25, 2010

Op-Ed Article Sent to All Maryland Media

There is a Story in Maryland, and it’s Being Ignored
Eric Cary

I find myself in one of the strangest situations I’ve even been involved in. I am one of a handful black conservatives running for the Maryland State Legislature, and not one of us is being recognized by the local media. Even though I am 6’ 6” tall, the media will crawl over me, and my fellow black candidates to talk to a white liberal, or in my opponent’s case a white female self-confessed “communist, liberal b___.”

I’m not sure if the media fixation is because of race or because of the letter “R” behind our names, but the result is the same regardless. All five of us deal with the stigma attached to the party of being a Republican in a strong democratically controlled state, but this true censorship on the issues. How can issues be discussed when the media won’t allow us the same access as the Democrats?

My opponent has already declared she is the “senator elect from district 14” and yet the general election is 11 days away. All five of us assumed we would be given equal time in the media, obviously that isn’t the case in Maryland, affirmative action is alive and well in the state of Maryland, and the Democrats are the recipients.

Eric Cary for State Senate District 14


Pete Hostra said...

I live in Mr Cary's district, and I will vote for him!

The video he is talking about is here!

I want a republican representing me rather than a communist!

Rebecca said...

Go Mr. Cary. I don't live in Maryland but I am sharing your Op-Ed article.

Rebecca said...

Go Al! I don't live in Maryland but I am sharing your Op-Ed with as many as I can.

barb p said...

I would bet the "R" is the reason...try FOX news...