Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Ride in the Back Seat," Racist Comment?

“Ride in the Back Seat,” Racist comment?
Al Ritter

When President Obama referred to the situation in our country right now of who is in charge, did his comment tinge of racial over tone? Was Barack Obama referring to republicans in the way Rosa Parks had to go to the back of the bus? Was he possibly referring to riding in the back seat as a dismissive attitude towards all republicans? Either way the comment was highly objectionable.

Late last week he told the Latino community to “rise up against their enemies.” Was he referring to Mexico? Of course he wasn’t, he was referring to the illegal community rising up against the conservative party that only wants them to enter the country legally.

No time in history has any President referred to his own citizens as the “enemy.” This trend has to stop or the country will be irreparably damaged! Obama campaigned as the “uniter,” and yet all he has done in two years is divide America. One side is the “haves,” and that refers to the Republican Party, and then there are the “have nots,” which just so happen to be his party of democrats bent on moving America to the left.

The democrats paint yet another false picture of the republicans being the rich party, while that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It just so happens the democrats paint a picture of themselves as being the champion of the little guy, which should rather be considered the party who feeds the needs of welfare.

When will the electorate finally wake up and see the democrats for what they are……..enablers of the voter looking for a free governmental ride!


barb p said...

So true and very well said Al...thanks.

Bill1962 said...

I think it was an intentional racist comment