Friday, October 22, 2010

Losing Is Winning, I Don’t Think So

Losing Is Winning, I Don’t Think So
Kevin Bryant

Imagine yourself a high school basketball coach. You play the school biggest rival and you win the game 40 points. You play them again the following year and you lose by 35 points. Since your loss was less than the loss the other team took the previous year, are you going to tell the local newspaper that although you may have technically lost the game, it was still a major victory because you didn’t lose by as many as the other team did the previous year? Any coach who did that would be looking for a new job within weeks of a statement like that. Come November 3rd, this is the exact kind of thing you are going to be hearing from the democrats and the media is going to be eating it up. I fully expect the republicans to pick up 57 seats in the house and recapture the majority. I only expect the republicans to pick up 7 or 8 seats in the senate and will remain in the minority by a few seats. Because I do not think the republicans are going to pick up the house, the left leaning media will tout this as a major setback for the Republican Party and a major victory for the left. Losing is losing no matter how you add up the numbers except in politics.
I seem to recall that in 02, the republicans didn’t lose close to the number of seats the democrats are poised to lose in either house and the media was calling that election as well as the 04, 06 & 08 elections major victories for the democrats. Just as with politics being the only place you can brag that a loss is actually a win, birthdays and in the media is the only place where it is commonplace to have your cake and eat it too.

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