Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where is Joe McCarthy when we need him?

Where is Joe McCarthy when we need him?
Al Ritter

In the 50’s Joe McCarthy was the leading politician who was rooting out the evil socialist/communists in America. He did uncover many political figures silently trying to fundamentally change America. Unfortunately he did ruin a few careers in the entertainment industry that ended up being falsely accused of being communists.

Today we need a voice in government to bring back the Joe McCarthy style investigations. Today in Congress we have 70 politicians who proudly fly their “socialist flag.” They are doing anything in secret they are blatantly declaring their allegiance to the principles of socialism. You know many of these politicians; most will do anything for a photo-op. Some helped write bills that Americans are so vocally against. To be honest, the backlash against Hollywood is the 50’s would be well deserved today as many actors and those in the entertainment field actively support dictators, socialists, and communists.

Below is a proud declaration from the Democratic Socialists of America


barb p said...

Good question..have all the "Joe McCarthy's" gone?

Kevin Bryant said...


cary in catonsville said...

When did it become fashionable to be a socialist? ....and why did the democratic party adopt their principles?