Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Group Now Leans Left

Another Group Now Leans Left
Al Ritter

For those of you who enjoyed reading the news from the AOL website, be forewarned, Arianna Huffington will now control the news content on all AOL subsidiaries. In a deal announced early today, the Huffington Post will be purchased for $315 million by AOL.

Part of the deal allows Arianna Huffington to stay in control of the Huffington Post, but to work in an expanded role in controlling the news content on all AOL sites. This transformation is very worrisome as it puts a person in charge who deals with opinion and not news in a journalistic capacity.

The merger was accomplished with full approval of the board of directors of both companies and they intend to make the transformation as soon as possible.

How can I explain the ramifications of this in terms the normal person can understand? This would be akin to Keith Olbermann taking over NBC and controlling all “news content.”

This purchase will allow Arianna Huffington access to a much larger audience, but in a very subversive way, opinion masquerading as news. The Huffington Post has some 26 million hits per month, and this deal allows her to access an additional 110 million in the US and 250 million in the world.


Tamara said...

That is just fine, we are going to crank up the heat !!

I am working on a plan!!

Feel free to contact me!!

jack h said...

Hi Al: I hate to disagree with you as you are always spot on, but AOL does not "now" lean left. It has been left, and while we can argue on who is further to the left, AOL, or Huffington, the fact remains that AOL, my homepage for entering the internet, is VERY leftist in their news coverage in the present. I actually use it as a way to laugh in the morning when I get home from work and go online. I love to read their commentary on AOL which they say is "news." I am sure that with Huffington in charge, it will go further left, but is far enough left in the present it is useless as a site to get the real news. :-) Jack

republican patriot said...

Yea I know Jack, I was just giving the benefit of the doubt.