Monday, February 28, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie Needs a Second Look

Gov. Chris Christie Needs a Second Look
Al Ritter

In a time and place in a political landscape where we are right now, voters need to be reassured that the actions of their local politicians reflect the direction they want them to go. We can use the November elections to make a bully pulpit stand for the much needed return to conservative principles, or we can use that pulpit to make a stand for non-political party stand to punish certain groups.

Let there be no mistake that Gov. Chris Christie is making such a stand, but his intentions are based on national polling of issues of fiscal restraint more than the stand of the Republican Party. Blasphemy you say? Follow with me here for a minute, and don’t shoot the messenger. Gov. Christie is merely playing a numbers game right now in his fledgling career as Governor of New Jersey. He is working off the idea of reduced spending rather than increasing taxes, which are very popular republican ideas. The fact that that he is forcefully challenging unions who only represent 12% of working Americans isn’t hurting his cause either.

So far Governor Christie is playing the odds, and doing so quite convincingly. There are many Conservative Americans who see his confrontational actions as being great for a much abused party in the last 5 years. To those Republicans I say this……..DO YOUR HOMEWORK on Chris Christie, the actions you see are but a small part of the man running New Jersey. Our republican resurgence after November of last year is due to the fact that we take nothing for granted anymore and we do our do diligence in researching politicians BEFORE endorsing them into the national spotlight to run for federal offices. There WILL come a time where Christie will have to make an unpopular stand based on his state’s needs rather than the popularity of a poll.

Chris Christie has a background as a lawyer, and serving as both a lobbyist and an Attorney General, his stances on issues are purposely gray. He reveals his stances on public issues only as needed to complete a designated project.

I guess I was taken in by his bully pulpit style too in the beginning, but his overall stances do NOT mirror the republican stance on conservatism. To begin with Christie leans towards amnesty of illegal aliens, he supports cap and trade initiatives, he supports the gun laws already on the books, and wants to actively enforce them. Christie also supports federally funded healthcare reform. Maybe these things aren't trigger point issues for you, maybe they are, but the point remains, you should be aware of them.

Forgive me for bringing this up, with the massive popularity Christie is enjoying right now, nobody in their right mind would question him, but then you already know me as being right to the point. Do your own research on each and every individual you think would do well on the national level, let’s not put a Moderate in the Whitehouse after being so oppressed by a far left wing candidate this last time………… the words of the immortal Ronald Regan………Trust, but verify!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest................... Benjamin Franklin


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Very wise words...

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Just goes to show you how wrong you can be about someone based on just a few impressions!

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