Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it Surprising That Obama Speaks Out on Wisconsin Matters?

Is it Surprising That Obama Speaks Out on Wisconsin Matters?
Al Ritter

In the light of the role of Federal Government his involvement in the matter should raise eyebrows. We need to look at this situation as a political boondoggle and not as statement on right or wrong. The federal government has no balanced budget amendment, nor will they ever. The feds are a collection of overspending progressives that strangely think that the only way out of a recession is to throw obscene amounts of money at the problem in hopes that it will soon go away.

As a result of that thinking, and a non-understanding that states can only spend what they receive in taxes, the administration has made their opinion known twice now on the Wisconsin protests. Twice Gov. Scott Walker has told the Obama Administration to butt out of their state affairs and pay closer attention to the fiscal health of the federal government.

It is certainly no secret that public sector union bargained benefits far exceed the benefits of that in the private sector. Pensions are the worst in WI when public workers only contribute 4 to 6% of the total pensions they receive after retirement, while the citizens supply the remaining 94 to 96%! Amazingly the benefits they receive in retirement only 4 to 6 cents to every dollar is supplied by the worker!

Healthcare is similarly ridiculous. Each municipal employee only pays 8% of their healthcare insurance premiums, while workers in the private sector pay 20%!

Union workers only represent 12% of the workers in this country and yet they are solely responsible for the majority of unfunded pension problems in most of our states. These kinds of union bullies are also the ones who fund the democratic campaigns, creating a massive conflict of interest. It is certainly no coincidence that Barack Obama has been in their pocket for years, it’s no wonder Scott Walker has told him to butt out of their fiscal business twice now!


Kevin Bryant said...

Of course Obama is going to stick his nose into what is a state issue if unions are involved. He is a big union labor guy who owes them everything politically and is banking on his success being their success. Chris Christie said it best the other day, "Union members deserve leadership that is as honorable as it's members". Most unions, especially public sector unions have no honor at the leadership level.

barb p said...

And what will it be next?

Q.D.T. said...

Another one of your great articles!