Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How's My Sanity?

How’s My Sanity
Kevin Bryant

I’m having one of those moments when I think I need to check the level of my own sanity. Why do I say this, because I believe the whole world has gone nuts. Like the other day I was thinking that America needs a “Slap Your Child Day”. Why, because most liberal progressive protesters here in the United States are between the ages of 18 & 26. They want everything handed to them and most do not believe in hard work and sweat. Then my mind went to thinking that we can’t just stop with the kids, because their parents are mostly to blame for their children’s beliefs. My daughter is an oddity compared to most kids today. When she was in high school two years ago, she held not one but two part time jobs and still went to class. The best thing about this is that I did not have to push her to get the jobs. She did it because she wanted to. But, in the end, I scratched the “Slap Your Child Day” idea except my daughter still knows that if she becomes a progressive type, I will remind her that it’s not acceptable to me.

I’m not sure how, but a couple of days after that, I was standing out on my deck and it occurred to me that if you remove all the freshmen US Senators and Representatives from this equation, that leave roughly 440 members between both houses that were there before the last election. Out of those 440, I was going to issue a challenge. Who can honestly name 10 members of congress who put the constitution first when fulfilling their duties? I was even going to agree with anyone who put Dennis Kucinich on that list. Though I do not agree with his interpretation of the constitution, I believe that he strongly supports what he believes the constitution says. But then I got to thinking deeper and I couldn’t come up 5 names myself. Out of 440 members of congress, I came up with 4 and that includes Dennis Kucinich. Am I that distrustful of politicians or are my beliefs that less than 1% of congressional members believe and support the constitution and use it to base their judgments on founded in truth? I’ll let you be the judge.

Has my grip on reality slipped a little, who knows. But if you are starting to doubt my sanity, then this one should place the proverbial nail in my coffin. I take a look at the middle east right now and with the exception of Iran, I think every government of every country that are having protest to overthrow that government should retaliate against the protesters with military force. Yes, even Muammar Qaddafi, I believe should stay in power. I think it is a better to keep him than have to deal with what is likely to replace him. It is becoming easier with each passing generation to convince those below the age of 30 that socialism and communism are the best forms of government. It doesn’t matter if that government is based in government control or religious extremism. People who have never experienced real freedoms don’t know what they are and will listen and follow anyone who professes to be able to grant them freedoms, never mind the fact that freedoms are given by our creator and not government. Our own President does not understand this concept.

So, How’s My Sanity?


barb p said...

I am sure Kevin is probably right...extremely scary!!

Ray Wasserman said...

You support Dennis Kucinich? He scares me almost as much as Ron Paul does!