Friday, March 4, 2011

EPA Wants to Regulate Dust?

EPA Wants to Regulate Dust?
Al Ritter

My admiration continues to grow for Congressman Ted Poe from the second district of Texas as he regularly lambasts the Administration for making foolish policies and empowering stupid people. Poe has a rather down home folksy way of making these policies sound even more stupid than the press releases do!

He has used his past as a prosecutor and Judge to point out the obvious systematic flaws of the laws in the United States. He is known throughout the Texas Corrections System as being one of the most creative judges for sentencing in the state. Once during a court case, while in the sentencing phase Judge Poe told a felon that he would throw a handful of pennies in the air and how many dropped to the floor would represent his incarceration time……….after counting twenty pennies he pronounced the sentence…….20 years!

Now he takes an active role in forming the laws of our nation rather than to merely interpret them.

Ted Poe ends almost every speech time in Congress with what is now known as his classic ending………. "And that's just the way it is."

Please feel free to see his other speeches in the house!

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barb p said...

Hmmm, his ending sounds vaguely familiar!!