Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner has Many Problems, but Serving Constituents Shouldn’t Be One of Them

Anthony Weiner has Many Problems, but Serving Constituents Shouldn’t Be One of Them
Al Ritter

In yet another sex scandal by a congressional servant, but this time we have a notoriously combative narcissist who views every interview as another opportunity to do battle. Anthony Weiner has many psychological problems, stemming from narcissism, but ending in sexual insecurities.

I wouldn’t fault him for seeking psychiatric help for his problems, but his pathological lying is certainly not what his constituents need or want. In his press conference he was apologetic for the first time, he was humble to a point, but lapsed right back into his narcissistic self as the press conference went on.

He has always shown certain anger to anyone that disagrees with him, and shown a childish trait of wanting to scold an interviewer when the questions take a turn that he doesn’t like. For some reason the Democratic Party seems to like these traits and at first was trying to defend him. Pelosi’s actions yesterday took another turn, as she filed to have Weiner’s action heard by the ethics committee. Pelosi and Reid are preparing to throw Weiner under the proverbial bus.

The blatant disregard for his wife of just 5 months shows that he doesn’t care who he tramples to get what he wants. His wife has a very public life as Hillary Clinton’s assistant, and this can be just as damaging to her, as it can be to him. Weiner’s narcissism was challenged yesterday as he admitted his lies to the press, but make NO mistake it was his narcissism that made him announce that he was not resigning. He will never do that, his nature won’t allow it; he will have to be dragged from his seat kicking and screaming.

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barb p said...

It is amazing that he thinks the public should continue to pay his salary. As 'stupid' as he is, this really isn't surprising though!!