Friday, June 17, 2011

Father’s Day, Different Things to Different People

Father’s Day, Different Things to Different People
Al Ritter

In the most elemental form Father’s day celebrates the role of the paternal parent. Whether or not that role is celebrated by the child is entirely up to the past history. We can have lots of role models in our lives, but generally the role of the parents is the closest to the heart of the children.

There can be many people referred to as “Father” and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a father by birth right it can be an adopted father, but generally the title is held by the male figure that raises the child, offers the love and support that nurtures that child. Of course on the other hand it can merely mean a sperm donor who never really gave much of a hand in raising the child, but the child holds a false celebration as to that father’s role even if they only share a skin color.

The term father can also be used in lots of ways to describe a term of endearment……. “father in heaven” to describe god…….. “Father O’Malley” to describe your priest……… “forefather” to describe the founding fathers of our country………. “step father” to describe that special man that raised you……. “father-in-law” to describe your wife’s father (ok maybe not all are terms of endearment…lol), but you get the idea!

I was never very close to my Father, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect him for the sacrifices he made for me, or the respect I had for his success in business. Dad had a work ethic that was overly enthusiastic to say the least, and that is where our contention laid. I still miss him, not much on a daily basis now but I still miss him on father’s day and around the holidays. So this weekend, dad, even though you have been gone for 12 years I’ll be thinking about you.

I hope my son thinks about me a few times this weekend, and I hope his son is thinking about him too! Happy Father’s day to ever guy out there who has made a difference to a child that means the world to him!


barb p said...

This is really very touching, very true Al. Your words and thoughts are always well thought out, with great meaning. I have a lot of admiration for you, and I feel very sure you are on your Son's mind not only this weekend but very often. You are a very good man Al. Thanks for being my friend, and you know you were special to Stacy too!!

pamela m said...

Very well said Cuz..... I think of Daddy often and on these special days too.