Friday, June 24, 2011

Delta Airlines Become First Sharia Compliant American Carrier

Delta Airlines Become First Sharia Compliant American Carrier
Al Ritter

Ex-congressman Fred Grandy (Gopher from the Love Boat TV Show) and his wife have stumbled onto a business deal between the American carrier Delta Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. That in itself is fine, but what followed is the enforcement of a concerted effort of bigotry by Saudi Arabian Airlines and the country of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Airlines has told Delta that a direct flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia would of course require either a travel visa or work visa, neither of which would be given to declared passengers of Jewish ancestry. Delta then deferred the bigoted policy back to Saudi Arabia, saying that those were the policies of the host country and they weren’t responsible for the requirements.

The very fact that Delta entered into an agreement with full knowledge of the policies beforehand is proof that they are complicit in the discrimination of Jews. This business agreement should never have been made, regardless of who is responsible for the bigotry. Once the policy is known the agreement should have been cancelled.

I know for one, I will never fly Delta Airlines after this declaration of the creeping Sharia in our United States by a backward uneducated “religion of hate.”

Listen to the radio show that brought this to the news:


barb p said...

This is unbelievable...I am amazed this has not been in the news!!! Not only are they dishonoring sounds like any religion that isn't of the Sharia!!!

I'm afraid to ask "what's next"?

Anonymous said...

This is sickening, the religion of hate creeps into American even farther