Friday, June 3, 2011

I’m confused Mr. President, could you please answer a question for me?

I’m confused Mr. President, could you please answer a question for me?
Al Ritter

If Russia, or Iran, or Afghanistan, or say Cuba was invading our southern border, would you defend us? Then why sir are you avoiding the situation and ignoring the very thing you swore an oath to do? During your inauguration you promised to uphold the Constitution and to protect the citizens of this country, and yet during your 2 ½ years in office you have done neither!

You have continually violated the Constitution that the conservatives of this country hold dear. You view the Constitution as a “living document”……..aka a moving target, and yet most of the American people view it as the laws that govern us. You refuse to admit that according to even the liberal MSNBC online poll that 96% of America agrees with the Arizona law against illegal aliens. Why is it that WE see the need for Arizona to protect themselves when you won’t? Why is it that the Arizona law mirrors the federal law that YOU refuse to administer?

We see Americans being killed on their own property, while you insist on apologizing to a critical Mexican President. We see American citizens being denied the ability to even visit the Arizona areas south of Phoenix because of the Mexican drug lord invasion of our country.

What country has to invade us before we react to repel the invasion? Is any one country worse than another?

Our President has shown through his actions in the past 2 ½ years that he wants to multi task, by shoving every social initiative down our collect throats, and yet he can’t seem to address an invasion of our country!
You wanted this job sir, now act like a leader and do something about it or we will find someone who will!

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Larry Goodman said...

I'm glad someone else is calling it what it is, an INVASION!