Monday, June 20, 2011

Human Sacrifice is Still Being Used Today!

Human Sacrifice is Still Being Used Today!
Al Ritter

Human sacrifice is still alive and well in Washington as Eric Holder and Barack Obama prepare Kenneth Melson, acting head of the ATF for the ceremony. Obama will insulate himself as far away from the action as possible by using Eric Holder as the hatchet man to force Melson to resign the office he was never confirmed to head, the ATF. No person has been formally confirmed by the Senate to head the ATF since 2006. So contentious is that seat that proponents of both sides of gun bans have tried to be named, but nobody ever confirmed.

Melson himself is an enigma of the Chicago political machine who hates guns. Sort ironic, isn’t it that someone who hates guns of all types is in charge of the very department that oversees guns. Melson will be the first casualty of Operation “fast and furious” the illegal transportation of weapons into Mexico to be put in the hands of the drug cartel.

Two leading Republican Congressmen have been leading the investigation of operation and have been continually stonewalled by Eric Holder over subpoenaed documents about the operation that ended in the death of one of our own Border Patrol Agents. Rep. Issa publicly lambasted Eric Holder over the redacted documents that he finally submitted. When finally submitted upon threat of the DOJ being held in contempt, each subpoenaed document was conveniently blacked out over 90%. Rep. Issa told Holder that he should be ashamed of himself over the blatant disregard for subpoena. The hearings have so far produced nobody who has claimed responsibility for the approval of the operation. Someone is going to have to answer for this illegal operation that ended in the death of a federal agent.

This is just one more classic example of the contempt the Obama Administration has for the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. This was an action from the very start to paint guns as a bad thing to make it easier to ban ALL guns from the American people the same way they are banned in Mexico. The most ironic part of this whole situation is that since Obama’s inauguration gun sales have skyrocketed and violent crime has actually declined! It just goes to prove that gun ownership is a deterrent to crime not the other way around.

Obama will once again slither his way from touchy situation of governmental abuse, but you can bet on one thing, Eric Holder has got to know that HE is next in line for sacrifice after Melson!


barb p said...

How interesting!

turk182 said...

I want to see someone at the top jailed for second degree murder!