Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Party of One

A Party of One
Kevin Bryant 

As usual, I start to write three or different things before I abandon them all and actually finish something completely different.  

I have no idea why people on various websites insist on calling and labeling me a republican. I am neither a republican nor democrat. Sure, the ideas I have as to how government should be ran is more in line with the Republican Party platform but why on earth would I wish to align myself with a party that doesn’t even believe their own platform. 

There are 535 voting members of congress. Out of those 535 voting members, I am of the opinion that there are only 3 members who are truthful more than 60% of the time only one of them ranks above the 70% truthful mark. There is one other member who boarders on the 50% mark but as of late has fallen just below that mark. All others can go as far as I am concerned.  

If I have that much distrust in the members of congress why would I wish to align myself with either political party? Why does anyone align themselves with a party? Both are full of crap. Both lie to your face and stab you in the back at the same time. Obama and Boehner both said we avoided a fiscal crisis. We didn’t avoid crap….. congress just kicked it down the road a little further.  

The best one though for lying to our faces is the clown in the white house. If he uses the word “we” in a sentence that is speaking of a past action he is actually boasting that he and congress lied to the American public and got away with it. If he uses the word “I” in a sentence he is semi telling you the truth. He believes his opinions or actions are right for America based on the ideas of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Bernie Sanders, God bless him, has the easiest time in congress. A devout and well known socialist, he is the only person in congress who doesn’t have to lie to the people. The people of Vermont know exactly who they voted in and why.  

I am a party of One. I don’t vote based on Republican or Democrat. I don’t believe in political platforms, I have my own ideas, beliefs and standards. I believe in God, Family, Truth, Freedom, & Country in that order. That is my platform. That is what sways my vote. I am a party of One.




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barb p said...

Don't know why this surprises me , but it does. I guess I "assumed" Kevin
was a Republican! No one agrees with every stand we stake, but we do
usually stand united...

barb g said...

And since the Republicans let Obama win, and did nothing about voter fraud, I will never vote again, end of story!

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