Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not In the Best Frame of Mind

Not In the Best Frame of Mind
Al Ritter 

I must admit the last few weeks I have not been in the best frame of mind. January should be a time of renewal and rebirth but to me it seems like more of the same and retreating four years back in time. I feel like I’m playing some small part in the movie “Groundhog Day.” 

As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” I find myself unable to accept my dear old departed grandmother’s advice of “And this too shall pass.” I felt that November the 6th would have been the day that pulled us back from destruction, but that wasn’t the case for whatever reason. We have plunged into the abyss knowing full well what the result will be. 

The President has become arrogantly aggressive with his reelection and shows no sign at all of trying to even learn the basic principles of compromise. He feels that the majority reelected him and ALL his policies. He is clearly the leader of the Democratic Party and not the American People. 

Almost all past Presidents have learned the transition from candidate to world leader except Barack Obama. This President will go down in history for being one of the most polarizing figures if not the most polarizing Presidents in this century. 

Not since Abraham Lincoln (maybe this is why Obama sees himself as his reincarnation) has America become so divided over not one or two issues, but almost every single issue this President has signed into law. 

Obama sees his time as limited to push his progressive agenda and he wants to accomplish as much change as he can in his 8 years. 8 years………what a horrible ring that has. Our forefathers never envisioned the America we have now vs. what they had 235 years ago. The fundamental change that Obama never hid in his election campaign has come to fruition. 

The sad part is that 52% of the voters in America are willing to accept whatever change Obama wants and will blindly follow him into this countries’ destruction. We became a great nation because our founders weren’t acceptant of the results of a monarchy. Ironically America is becoming the same type of monarchy we escaped two centuries ago. 

Our people totally ignore history and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Even successful corrections to problems of just 10 years prior are being ignored for “new and improved” solutions that are not only untried, but contrary to logic and destined to failure. 

Progressives ignore past successful fixes for difficult problems if those fixes came from the “other side of the isle,” and flat out deny their success regardless whether or not those successes are logged into the annals of history. 

I feel for the first time in my life, (right or wrongly) that the President we have now is directly responsible for my own wellbeing and mental status, and I truly fear the next four years.



Ron Boat said...

Nice piece Al

Grant Burmer said...

Amen brother.

barb p said...

Al you have put into words how I and many people I know feel...really
hard to take in. All my life I have loved be patriotic to my country
and what we have stood for. I feel like it has slipped away, pulled away!

Kevin Bryant said...

I feel a lot like you only mine started on Nov 2nd, 2012. It was that day I accepted the fact that Mitt Romney had no chance of winning the presidency. I am of the opinion that all the greatness that was America was achieved in the first 130 years of this nation. Since then, all our achievements, all our freedoms, all that America stood for and even the moral standards that were part of our nation has slowly eroded to America becoming something that resembles a mixture of Great Britain, Greece, France and even some Turkey & Russia. America has lost it's luster in the eyes of the world and lost the respect of the world. America today in the eyes of the world is like a big strong man who has the mentality of an innocent child. All those that would take advantage do take advantage. Strong leadership in my opinion is doing what is right regardless of popular opinion. Today's politicians believe strong leadership is doing most of what is right for most of the people within the region that elected them so long as it doesn't threaten their power or their standing with their peers in whatever state or federal legislative branch or office they hold. OK, I'll get off my own soap box now.

bud s said...


Doug Hammerich said...

Gee, where do I buy The Sky Is Falling insurance?

BTW, IHS stands for Iesus Humanorum Salvator. Just sayin'.

republican patriot said...

The sky isn't falling Doug, the country is......not sure what the bizarre reference about IHS is all about but then again liberals never make much sense to me

barb g said...

Great article Al. Obama is loved by the ones who he gives "stuff" to i.e. foodstamp/welfare president "Sugar Daddy", these are the types who voted for him twice. Most of the Republicans in office are to big of wimps to go after that FRAUD, and therefor he gets a pass over and over again, on top of that he is a half black Liberal/marxist, end of story.