Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The idiots in Congress did it AGAIN!

After debating most of the day on whether they would vote to issue Karl Rove a contempt citation for his  refusal to testify to Congress, ( good lord leave the man alone), he's out of the White House already! The Congress voted 214 to 213 to adjourn for reccess. They escaped the American people's wish to vote on drilling for oil issue. It's funny how they have all the time in the world to try to crucify Karl Rove, and yet deny the American people a vote on something that affects every person in this country. They have always said that we attacked Iraq for "oil", and if that was true..................where is it? It just bolsters my opinion that the democrats have NO answers, they only avoid the questions, and now........they go on VACATION!

My new Mantra will be a throw back to the early 1900's.........THROW THE RASCALS OUT!
The Presidential position means very little next to the out of control congress we have right now. Maybe one thing Obama says is true......we need change!

I implore everyone to "balance" the congress, senatorial, and the house! Let's find someone who favors term limits on both houses, and vote them in! If someone has been there for 25 yrs, let's toss them out! We need new blood, balanced blood. We need a balanced congress first, we need term limits next. Let's get something done in Congress for a change!


Anonymous said...

another question is how to remove all the special perks the congress has voted to give themselves

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work!

Although I am worried, I just saw a local News

report predicting that John McCain will loose his

home state of Arizona!!!

CBS 5 News: Will McCain loose Arizona?

Is this for real??!!

republican patriot said...

Nothing surprises me in the world of politics, of course with the high latino count in Arizona, it could make sense. One of the funniest things is Harry Reid's battle to be re elected in Nevada in 2010. His approval rating stands at 32%, 2 points behind even President Bush!He claims he will remain the majority leader....not if you don't get elected Harry!