Monday, July 14, 2008

An Unconventional Thought (10 Reasons Why)

An Unconventional Thought (10 Reasons Why)
By: Kevin Bryant

Over the course of recent past presidential elections, the selection of a VP candidate has played a very important role. Reagan’s selection of George Bush helped solidify the republican base because Reagan was a former Democrat Governor of California and was viewed by some conservatives as still a democrat at heart. Bill Clinton chose Al Gore because he knew that to win the election, he needed to lock down the south and what better way than to choose a well known southerner. George Bush 43 chose Dick Cheney because Cheney was solid in his convictions and had a reputation for getting the job done.

In days of old, the VP was always the person who came in second in the election until the now 2 party system really came into play. Before the days of party politics and finding ways to paint everything as gloom and doom on the incumbent and their party, this country was continually moving forward and becoming a nation that other countries could only dream of becoming. We were the envy of the world.

Perhaps it’s time to put a modern twist on the old ways of doing things.

Every poll has Obama leading McCain by anywhere from 5 to 15 points. McCain has several issues that he must overcome in order to be elected: lack of support by young people, trailing Obama for the female vote, lagging well behind in the minority vote, struggling to define himself and he also has a serious lack of appeal to the general public. Then add to all this the low approval rating of Bush 43 and all the misguided people out there that think the reason we are in a recession, a war, have high gas and energy price, food prices have hit an all time high. and in a mess in general, is somehow a republican only made mess.

One of the duties of the VP is to preside over the Senate. In order for a president to be successful, he or she needs to have at least one house of the legislative body supporting their agenda. We all know that the democrats control both houses and will pick up even more seats in the coming election. In order for the republicans to hold the White House, it’s time to think well outside the box of contemporary politics.

The title of this opinion piece is “An Unconventional Thought”. Unconventional thinking is going to be the only way to not only solve the current problems our government has created, but will also be required in order to get this country moving once again in the right direction for all it’s citizens. This is why I suggest and support the idea that Hillary Clinton be the VP choice of the Republican Party.

I know, she has come out and publicly stated that she will work hard to get Obama elected but in fact she has not officially dropped out of the presidential race. She has merely suspended her campaign in hopes that something totally disastrous will happen to Obama and if so, she will get the nomination. History has proven time and again that both she and Bill can be bought for the right price and a shot at becoming VP would be a very attractive offer.

I know, a lot of you reading this have yet to pick your jaws up off the floor, but the positives of this would far outweigh any negative. Look at the facts:

1. She got 18 MILLION votes and carried some very key states.

2. A McCain / Clinton ticket would guarantee two terms in office.

3. She is a household name far more recognizable than anyone the republicans can offer up for the VP slot.

4. She would have the chance to show that she can cross party lines and work with republicans for the     common good of this country.

5. She would be the VP for a republican president and preside over a democratic controlled senate.

6. She would be forced to work with republicans and not against them thus throwing away “party first” politics.

7. She loves the spotlight and craves power and will do anything to keep herself in the public view including supporting policies that she has campaigned against.

8. She would be in a position to offer up and support cabinet nominations what would also be in positions that force working across party lines.

9. Should she run for the presidency again, a majority of the administration would remain in place thus not allowing party politics to overwhelm the administration.

10. She would be forced to run a campaign in support of bi-partisan ideas and policies that she will have supported as the VP or face losing credibility.

The candidate that can think outside the box and come up with viable alternatives to the “same old politics as usual” is going to win this election. Unfortunately, in the eyes of many Americans, Obama is leading in that aspect. A McCain / Clinton ticket would shatter the illusion that Obama is the candidate of change and at the same time, would force our 14% approval rating congress to work together in the bi-partisan manner in a way that this country has been needing and lacking in for the past decade and beyond.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I haven't stopped laughing at this one yet! This of course assumes that Obama won't pick her to muzzle funny!
Interesting idea though!

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, WAY weird though!

Anonymous said...

damn but that makes such good sense!!!!!!!!!!!!