Friday, July 18, 2008

Let’s Review the candidate that half of America wants to vote for

Senator Barack Obama has said that he will talk to third world dictators without any pre- conditions.

Senator Barack Obama said , as president, he will appoint Chief Justices whom view the Constitution through socially conscience eyes rather then rule on the document itself.

Senator Barack Obama said , as president, he will rid our country of nuclear weapons voluntarily and try to convince other countries to do the same.

Senator Barack Obama has stated that he will suspend all “useless defense strategies” in space.

Senator Barack Obama wants to approve a bill in Congress to hand over 845 billion in 6 years of our taxes to be handed out to other countries so they won’t be “so poor”

Senator Barack Obama , a self professed “Constitutional Law” professor, has said that everyone should be able to have firearms under the second amendment, except certain ones, including handguns.

Senator Barack Obama, talks about unity, and bringing all people together, and yet Chicago ministers in the church he attended for 20 years preach something entirely different.

Senator Barack Obama, recently denied admission to a Muslim woman (with head scarf), to one of his own political rallys.

Senator Barack Obama, in his first 2 years as a US Senator had the ability to vote 200 times, but instead voted only 55 times, voting “no vote” 143 times. 71.5% of the time.

Senator Barack Obama, although he disagrees with the war in Iraq, he is far from being a pacifist. He feels we attacked the wrong countries, on his “hit list” as President, are the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Senator Barack Obama, has asked for an increased ethanol program, even in the face of soaring corn prices, and a failed poorly researched democratic program of corn subsities.

Senator Barack Obama, even though he claims himself a “moderate”, has been selected the “most liberal senator” by the National Journal in 2007, voting 100% along party lines, not once reaching across the isle. Even Ted Kennedy hasn’t done that!

Senator Barack Obama, sides with his party on banning drilling for Oil in ANWR, FL, and the Oceans, while supporting higher taxes on oil companies.

Senator Barack Obama, takes money from PAC, and lobbyists, although he denies it

Senator Barack Obama, wants to spend taxpayer money to bail out bad house loans that the democrats initially instituted, but to leave the bad law that allowed it intact so it can happen again.

Senator Barack Obama, rewrites history constantly to fit his view of the world, and yet never gets called on it by the media, whether it’s purposely or not makes no difference.

Senator Barack Obama, wants to reinstate the highest taxation rate on a person’s estate, even though an estate has already been taxed at least once.

Senator Barack Obama, has announced to the public that every American, “by birth right” will be entitled to health care, (read children born in this country from illegal alien parents).

Senate Barack Obama, wants to institute a cap and trade (tax) on carbon based fossil fuels similar to the Kyoto Protocol that will increase the price of gasoline, heating oil, and jet diesel fuel from 20-40%. It will increase natural gas by 60-150%, and coal by 500-1000%! This protocol has been in effect in Europe for some 5 years now and has NOT decreased the emissions, or even met the goals.

Senator Barack Obama, has refused to concede on any energy solution, he refuses Nuclear, he refuses drilling, he has refused all solutions, but offers none of his own, leaving the country in a stalemate if he becomes president? Wind and solar can only fill a 10% gap in energy at best, he’s going to have to decide on something.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, this man will be the ruination of our country. We may have issues already,
but I feel we are really facing 'destruction' of life as we know it today.

Dr. John Maszka said...

Taking the war to Pakistan is perhaps the most foolish thing America can do. Pakistan has 160 million Arabs and a nuclear arsenol. Pakistan also has the support of China. The last thing the United States should do at this point and time is to violate yet another state’s sovereignty.