Monday, July 7, 2008

They want you to be mad!

They want you to be mad!

They want you to be mad about home foreclosure, even though they made a law allowing bad loans, and plan for a federal bailout, even though they haven’t rescinded the law, that allowed it in the first place, so it can happen all over again.

They want you to be mad about the price of gasoline, even though they had never signed an “Energy Policy ”into law.

They want you to be mad about the cost of food rising because the diversion of corn to make gasoline go farther, even though THEY made the law based on a “Preponderance of Evidence,” that it was a good idea.

They want you to be mad about the war in Iraq, even though all the sitting democrats that time wrote to President Bush and demanded action against Saddam Hussein.

They want you to be mad at the “price of the war” all the while hiding the price of next year’s budget of 1 trillion dollars into social programs.

They want you to be mad at the cost of health care, but they take money from Lawyer’s PACS and lobbyists, to keep from setting limits on litigations.

They want you to be mad about the cost of gasoline, but on the same hand demand a world economy, so we have to compete with China and India for the ability to buy it.

They want you to be mad about the illegal alien issue, but they have put off building of the border fence, and seek to offer some sort of amnesty to that whole new group of voters that will soon become democrats.

They want you to be mad about the social security program’s liquidity, while they dole out benefits to illegals over the age of 65 that have never paid a penny into the system.

They want you to be mad about man made global warming, while never citing a country in the world who has cut any emission to the 2005 levels, nor have they told you the cost of their intended programs.

They want you to be mad at President Bush’s recent vetoes, of proposed laws, while they strap on pork barrel projects that exceed the original program’s cost, but when criticism comes those extra programs are never mentioned.

They want you to be mad at health insurance, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare, even though no senator or congressman has to deal with those programs, because they have voted themselves their own elitist programs that cover those costs.

They want you to be mad at the economy, while they vote on programs that drive businesses from our country, and they vote to turn over our hard-earned taxes to poor third-world nations, in some twisted international welfare program.

They want you to be mad at “big business” and scapegoat them as the bad guys for making money, but they never stop to think that “big business” is the vehicle that allows them to “gift” all our money away.

They want you to be mad at the President for not mandating higher MPG on vehicles, even though the President doesn’t introduce legislation they do! While Harry Reid tried unsuccessfully to stop war funding 41 times, he never had time to work on an energy bill or even mandating higher MPG cars.

They want you to be mad because the President hasn’t pushed to “explore alternate fuel sources,” while they denounce drilling in our country, denounce new refineries to be built, denounce Nuclear Energy, and have no ideas themselves, other then to stick their heads in the sand and hope it goes away, or to hope someone comes up with a rubber band, wind or solar powered car. How many billions of cars are on our roads that use gasoline?

They want you to be mad at everyone but them, but when President Bush steps down in January, they will need a new whipping post!


Anonymous said...

And 'who' will they blame them, guess the 'former' party!!!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten way behind on my reading lately and just now read this. The dem strategy in 06 was "change". They managed to convince the American public that they could lead this country in a new direction that would benefit all. Since gaining power, what have they accomplished in the past 2 years.......

1.) The lowest output in congressional history in regards to bills brought to the floor, senate confirmations for judicial seats and total hours actually being in session.
2.) A 100% increase in fuel & heating cost.
3.) An increase in oil imports.
4.) Increased unemployment.
5.) Increased the national debt.
6.) Increased spending on welfare programs.
7.) A 20% decline of the dollar on the world market.
8.) The largest proposed pork barrel spending increase in any 2 consecutive year period.
9.) No publicly announced strategy for anything other than to raise taxes.
10.) A 9% approval rating as of 7/7/2008. The absolute lowest in history for any congress.

They keep crying "the last 8 years" in every speech. They just neglect to point out to everyone that they were in power for the last 2 of those 8 years.