Friday, July 25, 2008

No clear plan in Iraq

This has been the most popular war cry of the political left, and yet the 18 step plan for self governance of Iraq never seems to be reported. Congress set forth 18 benchmarks last year that need to be completed before we withdraw from Iraq. As of last week 15 of those 18 benchmarks have been accomplished, but not one peep from the leftist media, whom only sees fit to report, gloom, doom, and defeat.

The left leaning media’s reporting last year included 23% reporting on Iraq, focusing mostly on body counts, while this year reporting on Iraq has dropped to less then 3%. It seems that only bad news is news to them, reminds me of the old song “Dirty Laundry” ……”get the widow on the set”… ”is the head dead yet?”

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SANE said...

good point...yes the left wing media unfortunately....