Friday, July 11, 2008

Yet Another Challenge of the LOST Treaty

Yet another challenge of the LOST Treaty In yet another challenge of the Law of the Sea Treaty, Iran has made the statement that if they are attacked, the Strait of Hormuz (a 20 mile water way) that sees 30 to 40% of the world’s oil is transported, will be closed down. Although all countries recognize a 11 or 12 mile limit, Iran sees the limit as 350 miles as suggested by the LOST treaty. Closed down you say? CLOSED DOWN! All the OPEC nations have stated, “ That will NOT happen. A meeting today of “International Naval Officers,” stated that it would “cut off the life blood” of the Middle East. Well of course it would, and just maybe this is what would separate the “men from the boys” in the Middle East. We all know, the only mainstay they have is oil, and if this is what is needed, then so be it. This is but a veiled effort to tell America to put a muzzle on Israel. How long must Israel bow to America’s wants and needs? If we were attacked the way Israel has been in the last 30 yrs, would we belly up to another country’s wishes? From past history, I don’t think anyone could contest the threat to Israel’s concerns on the inhalation of the Jewish people. We support Israel 100%, at least so far pre-election. Maybe the “pit bull” should be finally released, and let’s watch how the rest of the OPEC countries respond.


Anonymous said...

I think only the older people like me remember how fanatical the Iranians were right before Reagan was sworn in. We need a leader like him again!

Anonymous said...

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