Thursday, October 30, 2008

Class and generational warfare

About 4 weeks ago in Miami, the Democratic Party paid for a free rap concert featuring Jay-Z to register new voters. Obviously the courts in FL see nothing wrong with buying votes, as long it benefits the Democratic Party. If the Republican Party had a free Beach Boys concert in a retirement community to register new voters, and had restricted entry to the over 55 group, the Democrats would have screamed bloody murder!!!!!

Along the same lines when the Democrats want to tax the “rich” at a rate higher then the rest of the public because they “have the means to pay.” We are expected to see the slow change to socialism as acceptable. This is class and generational warfare, plain and simple. They foster the idea of giving entitlements to people who vote for them read “buying votes.”

The democrats will promise anything to anyone depending on the size of the voting group. They buy the vote, allow some 44% of the population to go tax less, and then tell the remainder of taxpayers that they aren’t paying their fair share, and that refusal to do so is equivalent to a “non-patriotic” status. The top 10% of Americans already pay 70% of the taxes, where do you get off coming up with the previous asinine statement? Where is the accountability for the 44% who pay nothing? Why must the rest of us pay for their welfare?

Where is the accountability that denies soldiers in the active military the right to vote? The Left claims that the forms are never filled out correctly, so their vote doesn’t count, and yet we never hear about votes thrown out in major cities made by non- high school graduates, who couldn’t fill out THEIR votes properly. Could it possibly be that the left knows that the largest support for the right comes from the military, and a majority of their support comes from inner city dwellers.

I don’t advocate taking one group’s vote over another, but to accept all the LEGAL votes. If the wording requirements to vote are too confusing on an absentee ballot, then improve it! Give instructions in plain language, and in the military’s case, hand deliver the votes back to the states in a timely fashion, so they may be included. If anyone has a right to be counted, it’s the military, the people who defend us, and the people who die for our freedom, not the fraudulently registered “Mickey Mouses” in Orlando.

Are we tired of this abuse yet? Do we deserve better? Maybe we should hold the people who deny us the right of fair voting practices accountable. The Attorney General of the state of Ohio for example, she has refused to do anything to confirm the validity of the recent voter registrations by way of ACORN. It’s not as if this is a new problem for Acorn, they have had canvassers convicted of fraud as far back as 2001. They continue to receive funds from taxpayers; they still retain the non-profit status even though through another branch called “Get out the Vote” they actively support the left. Where exactly do they draw the line? When they canvas for the left do they wear their ACORN shirts? If the votes of the military are thrown out for not being filled out right, then why can’t the registrations of ACORN be thrown out?

How many more concessions will be given to the Democrats? Why not just start out with giving them 200,000 votes as a handicap? Better still how about 1.3 million? The amount that ACORN first claimed they had registered.

Maybe the Democrats think that what we are experiencing here is “affirmative action” in the presidential campaign. Sound ridiculous? Well figure in the factors of the left leaning media, the outrageous actions of Acorn, and the fact that Obama agreed to use public funds, then later reneged leaving McCain with his choice. It all stinks to high heaven to me of the most crooked election in our history. There will be wide spread voter fraud because not even the Supreme Court will step in and require voting on an equal basis. As a direct result of the campaign Obama has run on the idea of “bring people together” has in fact caused the exact opposite, and caused class, and generational division.

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Anonymous said...

Obama's campaign paid for that one in Germany, not only that but gave then free beer and food, but what has he done for his family lately? Wasn't the grandmother he lovingly referred to, and went to see the very same one he threw under the bus over Rev. Wright?