Friday, October 10, 2008

Debate: McCain vs ????????

Debate: McCain vs ????????
Kevin Bryant

As like many of you, I watched the debate last night. I don’t know if you were as much in awe of all the past presidents and presidential hopefuls that showed up as I am. I have to tell you, there were more people to show up on the Obama side during the debate than there was during the Democratic National Convention.

I know, you are all sitting there and asking yourselves if I was drunk last night or watching clips of past events. I assure you that we did in fact watch the same debate. Let me tell you how I came to the conclusion that I spelled out in my opening paragraph.

90% of Americans who watched the debate, 1st watched with their eyes, and then listened with their ears. We all saw the same thing last night, Obama on one side of the stage and McCain on the other. I’m certain that we can all agree on this. But what I heard last night was McCain on one side of the stage and a whole host of past and present political personalities on the other.

During much of the debate that covered health care, on one side you saw and heard the same old John McCain. During the primary debates, Obama stated that he wanted all Americans to be covered by government-mandated health insurance. This is not what he said last night. Instead of that Barack Obama answering the questions, there were shades of Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter & Hillary Clinton in those responses. There was not one bit of his response that said or even sounded like the Obama that was on stage debating during the primaries.

During the debate, national security was touched on. On one side there again was John McCain. On the other side, there was not one hint of the Obama that played to the George Soros and the crowd that you saw during the primary debates. Instead what we got was a little bit of Bill Clinton, some Jimmy Carter, some John Kerry and even a hint or two of Ronald Reagan. Where was the Obama that stated North Korea, Iran and Syria were small countries that didn’t pose any real threat to the United States? Where was the man who said that he would eliminate all nuclear weapons including those of the United States? I didn’t see him up there…….did you?

On economic issues, it was again McCain battling on one side, but it wasn’t the primary debating Obama on the other. What I heard coming from the Obama side of the stage sounded more along the lines of both John & Robert Kennedy with again some Bill Clinton thrown into the mix.

Taxes, everyone’s favorite subject. McCain once again was McCain, saying the same old things. Now here comes present day Obama and not the one from just a few months ago. He’s not going to raise taxes on the middle class. Can this guy get it through his head that if you raise taxes on corporations, they just pass them on to the consumers? If you raise taxes on those making $250,000 a year, then you will include all those middle class individuals who have finally reached the age of 59.5, been saving all their lives and are now required to close or change their IRA’s (hello reportable income). He will repeal the Bush tax cuts…..hello increased taxes on the middle class as well as the rich. Repealing the Bush tax cut also includes bringing back the death tax which not only affects the rich and middle class, but even those who would normally have zero tax liability. Someone stuck a stupid seed in a flowerpot and up popped a blooming Obama idiot.

On specifics when questioned about Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, we all heard the John McCain that we have all heard in the past many years. Where oh where was the white flag of surrender waving Obama from the democratic debates? I guess he stayed home and some imposter showed up sounding more like Lyndon Johnson and Teddy Roosevelt than the Barack Obama that we saw for the 16 or so months of the primaries. He sounded like Johnson in the manner that we would have never sent troops to go fight in a war that they had no business being in ala Johnson and Vietnam. The Roosevelt side came through loud and clear and he’s going to lead the charge into Afghanistan and root out and destroy the Taliban once and for all. If the Pakistanis couldn’t take care of the terrorist camps and root out Bin Ladin on their own, he would go in himself and get them. This from a man who has more disdain for the military than both Bill & Hillary Clinton combined.

So, what I learned from the debates is who these candidates really are. John McCain is still John McCain and Barack Obama is no longer filled with hatred and socialist aspirations, but instead now an experimental mental mixing of DNA from Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, John Kerry, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt and I am sure that when you break it down, you will find some more past politic figures thrown into the mix. You could almost qualify him as a multi-personality schizophrenic.

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How do you spell "terror"? I cannot tell you how worried I am about this election....