Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letter to the editor, of a local paper

Letter to the editor of the local paper
By Q.D Thompson

Dear Editor:
I still remain deeply concerned as the voting date approaches regarding Senator Barack Obama’s radical past and his nonchalant political performances in Chicago, and first, it should be noted that Senator Obama’s early twenty years he spent in considerable involvement in radical associations and activities in and around would have disqualified him from employment in the CIA and FBI, where he would have been subjected to taking a lie detector test.

In my estimation this should also have disqualified him from even running in the primaries, much less campaigning to become our Commander-in-Chief. When it became evident these past radical actions presented a campaigning obstacle, he unsuccessfully attempted to disavow them all with vague explanations and evasions.

Secondly, during his political tenure, Senator Obama has fashioned no leadership or governing roles. Instead he has walked a fine line with much flip-flopping and confirmed falsehoods and with no declaration of any firm convictions. His hollow campaign proclamations have been most alarming, full of numerous promises which would require increased taxation, resulting in a flavor of socialism invading our government.

Frightening also are his recommendations for dealing with the global conflict against terrorism which reflect a sense of naivety. Such measures would place the on the defensive, resulting in our loss of leadership and trust around the world, thereby sacrificing the welfare and security of our nation.

Therefore, I challenge every American voter to closely examine all political issues and the inner character of all four candidates, McCain/Palin & Obama/Biden; then search you conscience and soul before casting your vote on Nov. 4.

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Anonymous said...

Ayer's radical past is moving forward!......Vote NOBAMA!