Monday, October 20, 2008

It defies all logic when…..

It defies all logic when a majority of the voters view Barack Obama as being better on the Economy. We all listen to the rhetoric from both sides, and we wonder who is telling the truth and who isn’t. None of us have crystal balls, so we can’t see into the future so how would we know?

The only way we have of judging them on fiscal responsibility is to judge them by what they have done in the past. Pick an unbiased, non-partisan group that only reports on all spending, and not just “cherry picking specific issues.” The Nation Taxpayers Union is such an organization, they rate each and everyone of those “545” that we talked about before (all senators and congressmen.) Please view this site and check out ALL your senators and congressmen, and make it one of your favorites, for future reference during elections.

When you make a decision for the Presidential position based on “change and hope” rather then logic and all available information, you do the rest of the public a disservice. In an age where the Internet is so prevalent, and information so readily available, it seems ludicrous to vote for someone just because we “like him.”

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Anonymous said...

Nobody in the democratic party wants to admit this!