Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If it were the republican party who…….

If it were the Republican Party who was behind Acorn, there would be hell to pay! Acorn has participated in questionable voter registration since 2002, and yet here we are once again! When are we going to say that enough is enough? Today we watched TV as a number of people testified before the board of elections in Ohio on the practices of Acorn. I have to wonder how many of those so called “do gooders” didn’t know that registering 76 times wasn’t lawful. Regardless of what I think they were doing, today it was reported that an “upper level” Acorn official in Nevada is in fact a past felon that was found guilty of “identity theft.”

At Least Acorn hired professional criminals to do their hit squad work. It was also admitted by workers for Acorn that they have two different agendas, the first agenda was to register voters; the second agenda was to push for votes for Obama! This is a plain and clear conflict of interest.

I don’t understand how this can happen, and why we even allow it! If Acorn is a non-profit organization, and supported by government money I damn well want it to be bipartisan! When did we not only allow this to happen since 2002 but shrug our shoulders at the testimony we saw today? If the testimony we saw today was for real, then politicians are correct by saying that voters are STUPID! If someone stands in the senate and says he didn’t think it was wrong to register 76 times then HE shouldn’t have the right to vote! If he’s a high school graduate and he has failed to learn how our system works, then his voting rights should be revoked!

Of course I shouldn’t talk like this, and I’m sure in Obama’s eyes I would be labeled as a racist, but this hasn’t a thing to do with race, it has to do with what is right and what is wrong. I have said in previous posts that based on previous incidents and the wide spread voter fraud this year that not one vote should be counted from the Acorn files, and now I think that everyone who made the choice to register multiple times should also be revoked, and the canvassors be prosecuted........as they normally say in court…….”ignorance is no excuse of the law”


Anonymous said...

This is so true!

Anonymous said...

voter fraud only matters if it against the democratic party, just ask the Ohio attorney general!

Anonymous said...

This isn't racist, it's what is right, how can a government sponsored agency support ONE party? Remove the non-profit status!