Monday, June 13, 2011

24,000 Emails and what was found?

24,000 Emails and what was found?
Al Ritter

The left and the lame stream media tried to enlist all rabid Palin haters to pour over recently released emails from the time Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska. It seems that even a pile weighing in at 275lb was not too daunting a task for the group that claims her as “too stupid to be president.” Bent at proving the past governor is somehow corrupt, the left was willing to any length to expose her, forget the fact that Palin hasn’t declared she is running for anything.

A week later and what have they found?.....not one single incriminating document has been found. The funniest thing about this quest for the left’s “holy grail” is that no such hunt has ever been allowed on Barack Obama, not when he was in the Illinois State Legislature, not as a US Senator, not as a candidate for president. In fact when can you remember a time when ANY democrat has had 24,000 emails reveled from a time they were in public office?

It seems funny to me the hypocrisy that the left uses for stunts like this to expose what they think to be corruption, but when none is found they never apologize for the imposition they have put the person through, but then when asked to reciprocate and offer the same thing for one of their own (such as Obama,) the chances of obtaining those same documents for that person are slim to none.

But such is the way of the democrat, “succumb to my demands, but never shall I succumb to yours.”

Think about this folks………let’s tell Obama….Palin showed us hers, now show us yours………

Please no Anthony Weiner jokes now!


barb g said...

It's a damn shame when a witch hunt produces no witches isn't it?

barb p said...

Very good Al...sure is amazing, huh? BUT...not at all surprising!!!

pamela m said...

Well written and it ended with that “Ritter Flair”.

Q.D.T. said...

Beautifully stated Al. To me Palin is a fascinating lady and has a story to tell. More power to her.