Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Disturbing Hate Trend

The Disturbing Hate Trend
Al Ritter

In much the same way that President Clinton taught the youth of America that oral sex was not sex at all, America is being taught a new lesson from liberals. In a disturbing new trend favoring Palestinians, liberals are sending a message to our youth that it is ok to hate Israelis. Guilt by association then bleeds over to Jews worldwide and the new trend of anti-Semitism has taken hold.

The Nazi like tactics of the old world Muslim religion is gaining traction in progressive countries of Europe as well as America. It now seems somehow “hip” to hate a particular group of people. Hate groups are nothing new or different; the neo-Nazis have been in existence in America since the early fifties, but in the 90’s and into the millennium their numbers had dwindled. Now there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of these hate groups.

As a result of Barack Obama’s sharp criticism of Israel the liberal public is quick to jump on that bandwagon once again as they did in 1938 starting another dangerous downward spiral of hatred that almost killed a nation for 5 decades. The word Nazi is so polarizing in Germany it is against the law to even use the word. The shame their citizens feel for the actions of one mad man is etched in their memory forever.

With many countries now feeling the expansion of the Muslim religion and the subsequent creep of Sharia law the push is on once again to somehow extinguish the rich tradition of the Jewish people. Why do they see this as necessary? Why is hatred being tolerated and even expanded by our President? How can the world be so intolerant of one religion of people? How can another religion preach hate in their “holy book?”

I fear that the world is once again going down that ugly road once travelled by an insecure ego maniac from Austria.


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Well said and ........scary!!

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This is so scary and heartbreaking to me!