Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Not Burn a City!

How to Not Burn a City!
Louis Lazarus

Anybody with a brain and who is half way paying attention already knows Obama has released his Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth. Henceforth, known as “the FBC” or Fraudulent Birth Certificate. If you have a body temperature over 60 degrees and the ability to come up with the answer to two plus two, you have figured out the FBC is fake. Jerome Corsi has written a wonderful book called “Where Is The Birth Certificate” and he makes the case without a shred of doubt that Obama is an illegally elected president because he is not a Natural Born Citizen by any definition of the term. In fact, it is more than likely his parents weren’t even married and he was indeed born in Kenya. Without regard, it cannot be proven that Obama was born from Two American Parents and that disqualifies him from even running for the Office of President. However, at the moment, president he is. Millions of us patriots know this cannot stand and we already know not only was the FBC a total joke, but the fact that Obama endorsed it as being authentic makes him complicit to a felony. Rather than point to gobs and gobs of links proving the FBC is indeed fake, I want to discuss why so far nothing has been done. For those of you who still maintain the document is real, simply go to and type in the search window “adobe illustrator and birth certificate. That’s all you have to do. Pick out three or four random videos and watch and listen to people who are proficient in the two graphics programs, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, explain how this document was put together. We were told it is a scan of the original and you will see for yourself just how phony it really is. If you are still in doubt, go to any search engine such as or and type in “Obama and birth certificate and fake” and yet more evidence will come up. Then, after doing all this, ask yourself if all these people are lying or could it possibly be Obama is lying. If you can’t come up with the right answer, you are indeed brain dead and beyond redemption. You have put yourself in the sub-human defective class where no matter what is presented; you will always believe Obama is “the real deal”…which he is not.

Knowing all this you now have to proceed to the next step. This requires some logical reasoning along with some clever deduction. If Obama is indeed a fraud and shouldn’t be the president, why is there nothing being done about it? Millions of us are asking that same question. Many, but not all, have come to the same conclusion on that perplexing problem. Why is Obama still there? The answer is simple and if you haven’t figured it out, here it is in a nutshell. It’s called “racism” and it’s not what you think. It isn’t the white man being prejudiced against the Black man; it’s just the reverse. If Obama is removed from the Office of President, there will be rioting in the streets. Cities will burn. There will be social unrest, as we’ve never seen because American’s first Black president will have been removed by “whitie”. Blacks will not believe, nor care, that Obama violated the Constitution. They will see this as strictly a race issue. That is what the people in power are afraid of and that’s why it looks like nothing is being done. They may be right, those people in power. It is quite possible our cities will burn and there will be rioting. Do we want to really take that chance or is there a better way to follow the Constitution and still get Obama out of office? I think there is.

Would it not make sense that the Obama Administration knows their time is up? They aren’t stupid. They know if they want to push this issue, they will lose and many of them will go to jail. Many of them participated in this charade. They falsified documents and withheld information and those are crimes punishable by jail. If this were to go “that” route, the end result would be jail time for Obama, Pelosi and many others. They are culprits in a crime and a cover up. During this process of hearing the evidence, again…riots may ensue. We just don’t know.

Is there another solution? Is there a way to get Obama out of office, have him do no jail time and yet comply with the U.S. Constitution? The answer is a simple “yes”. Here’s my theory. Obama knows he has to go. He has told Fox News and all the conservative pundits to “keep a lid on it” for a certain amount of time while they get their story together. This criminal administration has to come up with an organized and believable way to leave office. Obama has to have an excuse to resign. What that excuse might be, I do not know. I’m sure he is demanding to save face. He might blame the Republicans for standing in his way and preventing him from doing the “first class” job he was elected to do. He might say if he can’t do something 100%, he just can’t live with himself so he is going to resign. This is just my opinion but it makes sense. It makes more sense than Fox News, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Beck and Levin along with many others not mentioning the FBC. They have to know it is indeed phony. If we know it, they know it. The deal is to sit on this story while Obama plans his exit. That makes sense to me but I’m not sure if everybody will agree. We do know Jerome Corsi can’t get on Fox News. How likely would that be in “normal times”? Here is a man who has written a book with enough evidence to get the president of the United States of America removed from office. Why would Fox News not want to interview this man? Look what he already did with John Kerry and the Swift Boaters. Corsi’s credentials are without reproach and his research is without fault. There is something in the works. If it’s not this, I’m not sure what…but something is going on. As of today, June 8, 2011, we have not seen Obama on TV telling us what to do or what’s he’s done or what he’s going to do for a few days now.

It must be killing Rush, Hannity and the gang to not be able to talk about this. I remember a few nights ago when Michelle Malkin was on with Hannity and the birth certificate issue came up and they quickly brushed it aside as if it didn’t even exist. If my theory isn’t correct, and Obama remains in office, we will have lost our country. It would mean the Constitution is no longer valid and the Supreme Law of the Land. I refuse to believe there are people in very high places that would allow this to happen. Let’s hope, for all our sakes, Obama is gone…and soon.

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barb p said...

We have truly gotten ourselves into a horrible, almost unwinable mess. "Soon" won't come fast enough!!!