Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Purposely Testing the Waters

Purposely Testing the Waters
Al Ritter

To set the stage for you, I live in Maryland, one of the so called sanctuary states for illegal aliens. My state has been controlled by Democratic legislature since 1959, and shows NO inclination to chance in the near future. I grew up here, but due to the downturn in the economy and housing market, I will stay until that reverses.

I have been writing about the political climate for over 3 years now, and have amassed an archive of over 1600 articles to say I study and research each and every subject would be an understatement to say the least. To meet me in a social setting, you would never know that I do such work. I rarely talk about politics outside my blog or social networks.

A friend who has a few inklings about my background tested the waters last night, while we were in a social setting. His questioned me as to the state of political affairs in Maryland. I basically told him that the RNC had signed off Maryland as a total loss many years ago and in fact some representatives of the Maryland Republican Party where Democrats themselves, not three voting cycles ago.

I told him that Maryland will not be a two party state for many years into the future, because “as the country goes, Maryland never follows.” Anyone who lives in Maryland sees the truth in my statement whether they be a democrat or a republican. His reply was very similar to person testing the temperature of the water before going in for a dip. He said, “Is it necessary to have two parties in Maryland, or wouldn’t it just be better to have two opinions?” I chuckled to myself at his question, but I answered it in a way that surprised him I believe.

His question assumed that one party could run the state as it does now, but that more moderate voices within the Democratic Party would be heard. That hasn’t happened in Maryland, in fact Maryland has moved farther left in the last 3 voting cycles, so his inference is a moot point.

My answer to him was this….. “A two party system is necessary everywhere in the United States and especially in Maryland. Because each party has it’s extremes it takes at least two parties to even out those extremes. Each party should be heard and eventual compromises should be made. Partisanship has replace bipartisanship, because of one rule party states, and that is no formula to move forward in our country.”

I think he was shocked by my answer because it didn’t indicate to him that I wanted total control for the Republican Party, but rather a shared experience……….so very UNLIKE the leaders in Maryland.


barb p said...

Great answer Al!!

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When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !