Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Does Obama Claim Support of Israel Then Support the Palestinians?

Why Does Obama Claim Support of Israel Then Support the Palestinians?
Al Ritter

The Obama Administration has held a cold shoulder to Israel since the inauguration. They have basically shut Israel out of the intelligence loop since day one, and although they claim allegiance to Israel, their actions say something different.

The rising anti-Semitic sentiment is nothing new in the Arab world, but it seems that it is on the rise in America. Once again the barbaristic attitude against Jews is reaching the same crescendo that it did in 1938. The bigotry and hatred shown by Hitler has been replaced by the Muslim world as they continue to paint the Palestinian people as the victims, rather than the oppressors.

Quality of life for Palestinian people under Israeli rule has increased according to the Palestinian Authority's Central Bureau of Statistics. As demonstrated here:

According to the report, Israeli control over Judea and Samaria has had an
enormous positive impact on civil infrastructure and improved accessibility to
basic resources like water and electricity, as well as opening the region to the
Israeli labor market, which has brought a significant increase in

Quality of lifeThe situation of the Palestinians today is better off
than the Arab citizens in many measures, including: The percentage of
expenditure on food, the percentage of expenditure on housing, private ownership
of houses, ownership of mobile phones, Internet accessibility, population,
literacy rate and longevity.

GDPIsraeli 'Occupation' between 1967 and 1993,
after which the PA began administering sections of Judea and Samaria under the
Oslo Accords, resulted in a rise in per capita GDP from 904 to 3392 NIS. Under
the PA this number dropped to 2293 NIS.

Water supplied almost all Arab
communities in Judea and Samaria with water pipes between 1967 and 1993,
bringing the number of homes with indoor plumbing to 90%. The total water supply
doubled from 64 million cubic meters a year to 120 million as a result of
improved water access.

Life expectancy Arabs in Judea and Samaria have seen a
steady increase in life expectancy from 54 to 74 since 1967, close to that of
Israelis, and higher than the median life expectancy of 65 in most Arab

Literacy rates 92% of Arabs of Judea and Samaria are literate,
compared to a median of 67% for the Arab world as a whole.

penetration 55% of Arabs in Judea and Samaria, benefiting from Israeli high-tech
infrastructure, have internet access - a figure significantly higher than almost
all Arab nations today.

Prefer Israel 58% of Arab residents in East Jerusalem
prefer to continue living under Israeli sovereignty rather than being annexed to
PA control.

It seems clear that the “oppressor” label given to the Israelis holds no credible claim. If the claim were true it seems ridiculous that the oppressor would first increase the quality of life for the oppressed first.
Maybe our president should read this report BEFORE his idiotic demand to return to the Israeli borders of 1967!


barb p said...

He only does what pleases him...and we all know that!! I pray we get a good opponent..I am so afraid people will go ahead and vote him back in!!!

grant burmer said...

Excellent points. To bad Obama is a Muslim first, and a Muslim sympathizer. AS IS, he would he will never see the fallacy in his allegiance. God help us, and Israel.

Q.D.T. said...

Beautifully stated, Al; but the "bread-line" will probably still reelect the SOB.