Monday, September 1, 2008

Fascination surrounding Obama is merely hype

Fascination surrounding Obama is merely hype
By Quinton Thompson                                                  

"The initial aura radiated by Senator Barack Obama was that of a very unstable character, giving the impression that he really didn't know who he was or for what he stood. Unfortunately, after many many months that hollow aura still exists. He resembled a feather caught up in a whirlwind, after which he attempted to magnetized himself in order to draw the support of the public as he has promised an answer on how to resolve every major issue, most of them requiring a sharp increase in our taxes.

Granted Mr. Obama is a very able skilled orator, but unfortunately, the more he espouses the more he creates dozens of unanswered questions, including foreign policy, oil drilling, economics, health care, racism, etc, freqently changing his mind in order to appease the public by telling them just what they want to hear, instead of taking a definite Obama stand which he is definitely incapable of doing as he has demonstrated that he possesses no personal or political convictions. Such actions has definitely transposed him into a Flip-Flopping Artist.

Also, it is quite evident that Senator Obama is void of any strong leadership, and judgement qualities which was clearly exposed in his recent trip abroad. Instead of using this excursion as a fact finding experience in order to strengthen his obvious weak background, he utilized it as a self-declared presidential platform to announce to all how he would resolve the problems of the world if everyone would just listen and follow him.

Personally, I am still predicting, and now with even more confidence, there will soon be a withering of the Obama hyper-mania vine which will gradually be replaced by a shroud of fanaticism.

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