Monday, September 22, 2008

Only his supporters believe his words aren’t mean spirited.

Obama’s latest mean spirited jabs at the McCain/ Palin show his frustration at a campaign that is faltering. Who other then his true blue supporters believe that the “lipstick on the pig” comment wasn’t aimed at Sarah Palin, and the “stinking fish” comment wasn’t aimed at McCain? Then he tried to turn the whole thing around by accusing McCain of “swift boating” him, and refusing to associate the comments to people and to only the administration.

The very fact that Palin used the word lipstick in her speech at the RNC convention, and the very fact that Obama picked that word to use in the same sentence with the word pig, is way too much of a coincidence to be a non-intended analogy.

Obama then put out an ad stating that John McCain is out of touch because he doesn’t use a computer, or even how to send an email. Obama’s campaign knows about his time as a POW, and they also know that his Viet Nam captors tortured him to the point of tearing his shoulder joints up so badly, that he can’t even raise his arms past mid body. He has never been able to type because of his physical limits, so why would he need to know how to email? So Obama makes the connection of a physical disability to “being out of touch” with society? Bill Clinton, nor Hillary Clinton know how to type, did that keep him from becoming President or her from running?

They clearly know what they are doing, and yet continue to hit below the belt. Clearly it shows that the Obama campaign is in frustration mode, and is lashing out at anything he can, even to the point of looking like the schoolyard bully!

Even Senator Biden said the ad about McCain not knowing how to type was horrible, and if he had anything to do with it, the ad wouldn't have run. Interestingly after a period of a few hours Senator Obama's must have reminded Sen Biden that he is only along for the ride and he need to recant his earlier statement, toy which he said......."Well I haven't actually seen the ad"..........Nice Gaffee Joe! anything else you would like to tell us? Oh...other then asking that man in the wheelchair to stand up and be recognized.......once again, good move Joe! Your replacement is reportedly waiting in the wings

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Hey lighten up on Biden, he's great for my business!