Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it a shock that we lose business abroad?

It has been the “catch phrase” in America to label us as hip and declare with open arms a WORLD ECONOMY! What we don’t understand is as our own inflationary country; any country that has a similar economy is at a disadvantage. Disadvantage you say? Of course we are, as inflationary influences, (i.e. oil prices, that affect every product we sell, minimum wage increases, increased social –programs, wasteful earmarks, mortgage company bailouts, etc.), drive up our cost of doing business. If a third world nation can introduce a college graduate into the business world who is used to making say $2000 a year, and if his quality of education is higher then a fresh out of college student from America, wouldn’t a company be crazy NOT to hire the student who will work for less?

We have this grandiose idea that we are the most intelligent, best-educated country in the world, when in fact that is NOT true. When say a communist country like China sends a child to school, they do so 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. When they graduate from High School they have to go through testing for DAYS to find the brightest, most intelligent stars, to see who goes to college. Yes the government pays it for, but THEY chose who goes on.

We have increased our bottom line or if you would like to call it “our cost of doing business” to the point that we are now a non-competitive country in which to do business. We charge companies the second highest taxes in the WORLD! Does this shock you? Does this scare you? It should, because we have allowed it. Every time a senator gets an “earmark” for a million dollars, where do you think it comes from? Yes it comes from us but……….it adds once again to the bottom line of the cost of doing business, putting us that much farther in the hole. Are the inflated salaries of the workers in our country and the bottom line of doing business conducive to a successful world economy?

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No it sure is not…