Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The next flags you see from the dems should be white!

I’m sure you have heard about the “adopt a flag” situation that the McCain/ Palin campaign instituted from “leftover trash” found outside the Democratic convention in Denver. It seems that when the convention was done with the free flags they handed out, they not only placed used flags in with normal garbage to be disposed of in landfills, but made a decision to also throw out the unused ones in large garbage bags placed around the dumpsters.

In an effort to cover themselves on a rather foolish decision they LIED about the flags. They claimed that the flags were scheduled to be returned to the manufacturer, and the Republicans had stolen them! It’s so stupid of them to make such a claim, because in today’s age of verification, they had to know this would be checked up on.
Pictures courtesy of Radarsite

Pictures surfaced to dispute the Democrats claim on to show how the flags had been disposed of. In the very least, all flags that can no longer be displayed have to ironically be destroyed by burning, not by disposal in landfills. Secondly, the dems after claiming theft never had made out a police report, nor have they produced a document showing any return authorization from the flag manufacturer. Thirdly you don’t place unused flags in trash bags and then place them next to dumpsters, outside in the elements if you intend to return them.

The Democrats show once again their ignorance of proper etiquette of an Icon of America, and then told a tall tale to cover their collective butts!


Anonymous said...

Uh - wake up America...!

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard that these were paper flags so it didn't matter, according to the dems

Anonymous said...

Is Obama saying he knew nothing about this - it had to be the 'clean up crews' fault? Also, where did the 'republicans' steal them from, I guess the convention hall? It sure isn't getting any 'nicer'....