Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama speaks on O'Reilly

In an interview that was intended to bolster his position after Palin's speech last night. It's clear to see that his party was hurting last night, so his position was to make people understand he's not a wimp on national security. He stated his position on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, as being that of an adversarial position.

So let me understand, if America is tired of war, why should we switch or war in Iraq (one country) to add two more countries to our "hit list"?

Ok I'm sold...................he's a war monger! It's funny that his party's position on war is that of a hawks, and yet he tries to get cross over votes from Republicans. When are the voters going to get the message?

Last night Sarah Palin held her own, and then some, against Joe Biden, whom by the way NEVER ran ANY government post, and Obama saw it as a severe threat to their run for the White House.

Obama admitted (finally) that the surge did in fact work, although he fought Bill O'Reilly about the wording!

We finally have a stronghold in the Muslim world (Iraq), in a stand against terrorism, and we have eliminated the WMD threat in Iraq (yellowcake uranium) that had been accumulated by Saddam Hussien, and was captured by OUR troops!

The left is scared to death of Sarah Palin, and they damn well should! This is a woman who endears herself to almost every woman in th country. Her struggles to balance family and career have stuck a chord with America. She is the quintessential mother, she has problems, but so does every woman in this great country. She shows everyone something they can associate with.

The left is finally on the run, and it's about damn time!

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Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed in O'Reilly's interview of Barack Obama, I think he let him off the hook too many times, and at times looked as if he was pandering to him. At least Fox had the good sense to break up the interview into airring dates well after the RNC convention was over.