Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lawsuit filed against Obama

A Pennsylvania attorney filed for declaratory and injunctive relief against Barack Obama and the DNC this week in Philadelphia. The main thrust of the suit deals with questions about Obama’s citizenship, an item that has been heating up under the surface of late. Some excerpts from the suit: “Obama committed Fraud upon Plaintiff and the American Citizens by running for President claiming to be eligible knowing he was not eligible as a result of his failure to regain his United States Citizenship and by maintaining multi citizenships with Kenya and Indonesia.”

It continues, “Obama attempted to defraud Plaintiff and the American people by allowing an altered and forged Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) to be placed on his campaign website. Obama was well aware the Government issued COLB was altered and forged...” And finally, “Obama further attempted to defraud Plaintiff and the American People by claiming to be a United States Citizen, knowing this information to be false.” There are questions regarding Obama’s mother’s citizenship as well, and evidence that when he traveled to Pakistan in 1981, Obama used his Indonesian passport. It will be interesting to see what comes of this legal action.

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Update 10/03/08
Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney and a Democrat, filed for declaratory and injunctive relief against Barack Obama and the DNC claiming that Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship are in question and demanding sufficient proof. Rather than just produce the documents, however, Obama’s legal team is trying to get the suit dismissed. As we have noted in the past, part of Obama’s trouble comes via his associations and this case is another indictment itself. One of the attorneys Obama hired is Joe Sandler, an attorney for CAIR, a.k.a. the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Leftist “civil liberties” group that specializes in stifling free speech. We’re sure there’s nothing to it, but...

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Anonymous said...

The government will NEVER allow this to come to trial, how foolish would that make them look after allowing him to become the Democratic nominee?