Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Fool’s Opinion

One Fool’s Opinion
By: Kevin Bryant

I must admit, I have been called a racist before, actually twice before. Both times I was in the navy and was brought up on charges of racism and in both circumstances, the charges were levied against me by individuals who worked for me and I wrote up for dereliction of duty, absence without authorization from appointed place of duty and failure to follow both direct and lawful orders repeatedly. They were such a lovely pair. The charges against me were dismissed.

In my 20 years of active duty, I wrote up 7 people. 4 were white, 2 were black and one of some Asian decent. All 7 were found to be guilty of the charges I brought against them. I tell you this to let you know that I treated everyone the same and held each responsible for their own actions regardless of race.

Recently, I was driving from my home just outside Kansas City to my hometown in Arkansas. I stopped along the way to get some gas and there just happened to be a bus there stopped to let people off to get drinks and snacks and so forth before they too set back out headed to Arkansas.

At the check out counter I struck up a conversation with what I thought was going to be a rather charming elderly woman and asked her where they were headed. She told me that the people riding the bus were coming back from Denver and headed to Little Rock. I told her that I was originally from Arkansas and asked her if they had been sight seeing and she told me that they had gone to Denver to be at the convention of the next President of the United States. At this point, I had paid for my stuff and told her to have a safe trip, not wanting to get into a political conversation, I started for the door.

Out of nowhere, I hear “You must be one of those racist McCain people”. I turned around …..looking for the idiot who pulled this woman’s chain to get her to bark that loudly…..and told her “No, I’m not racist, just a conservative, you have a safe trip”, and I walked out the door.

This lady followed me outside and I remember clearly what she was yelling at me. She said, “It’s racist white pigs like you that are wrong with this country. Your kind gives the decent people of Arkansas a bad name”. She said a few other things that I couldn’t quite make out after I had reached my truck and was getting in.

I guess this means that all white people that do not vote for Obama are racist pigs. If this is true, then I must be a racist.

Oh, the woman yelling at me was white.

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Anonymous said...

what a shallow woman, Barack's mother was also white, many ppl seem to forget!