Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poor poor misunderstood Obama

In reply to a blogsite that had an article about Obama throwing his Grandmother under the bus…….I can’t say it better myself Joshua!

Barack Obama with his grandparents

poor poor misunderstood Obama...

"Some of what he has said about his mother seems tinged with a mix of love and regret. He has said his biggest mistake was not being at her bedside when she died."

He just couldn't get by his mother's bedside? He writes about his father's lies, excuse me, dreams and waxes poetically with fictional characters in his book, but he can't find the time to be by his evil white mothers side?

hmmm, figures...

We all make mistakes in life. We all have experienced irrational hatred, or bad decisions in life growing up. We all have experienced prejudice and hatred from others in one form or another.

But, most of us grow up, mature and see the immaturity of such thoughtless positions.

The problem, or major error, is in not correcting it, or continuing to stand by people of hatred. Not having the guts to speak up, or leaving bad people behind in life that perpetuate stereotypes and profess hatred. You have to leave those people behind for good or they end up "TAINTING" you with their evil views in life.

When I grew up, there were only a few bad apples that were racist. My friends and I all flipped them off and gave them the cold shoulder. We didn't hang with them. We let them know we would not stand for their behavior. Heck, we were kids and knew better than to hang around hate idiots.

What the adult Mr. Obama is doing is hanging with hatred and a racist spewing bitter man for 20 years. It shows he is not truly in touch with Christ, that he has not matured and let go of hatred in his own heart and he cannot be trusted to make good decisions as an adult. He seems to think the world owes him.

Guess what. It owes you nothing! Especially not based upon color. The true world we live in especially by materialist, marxist ideas put forth an idea of survival and uncaring, unloving life, nihilistic ways.

If Mr. Obama cannot disassociate himself from that church immediately, he deserves to lose everything in politics. Not just the Dem nomination, but his senate seat as well.

If a large number of blacks feel this way, then the time to have this conversation in the public needs to happen, but not at the cost to the country by an inexperienced man, who looks upon "white greed" only and looks down his nose at all others not of his "race." Whatever it is today. He seems to forget his white side, his white mother.

There are true leaders that come around in times of destiny when a country or times call for it. A Republican, Abraham Lincoln came at the right time. He sacrificed hundreds of thousands of white families and lives to free the slaves and he ultimately sacrificed himself. He was a true leader.

Obama? He is not a leader. He is a phony. He is a made up story, fictional story that he writes for himself in his books omitting truths. Playing off of sympathy and victims, painting himself as a victim.

When in fact he went to an expensive prep school, living in one of our most beautiful states, given all the opportunities of a kind, gentle America for free. He then turns around, blames America and points fingers at everyone, except of course himself, or the so-called victims. Christ never told his followers to act like victims, nor to whine, nor to complain, but instead, he teaches us the opposite!

He teaches us to have joy! During times of oppression, praise! So, where is Christ in Obama? Where in this church?

Anyone in America today can make for themselves whatever they want to be in life. There are no more excuses for anyone not to succeed.

Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Jackson, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Beyonce, Snoop Dog, etc., etc., and the list goes on from BET TV owner to Oprah, from Jamie Fox to Spike Lee, from lawyers to congressmen, senators and governors, inventors, and scientist...

African Americans have had more success in this nation than any other nation on earth. And they didn't do it like many of the evil tyrants in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Congo, Chad, Liberia, Sudan, etc., murdering and killing millions.

They were set free long before many of the nations in Africa.

Maybe, just maybe God knows best?

And just maybe Wright should be thankful to God that his ancestors were brought here?

The Jews went thru hell too. They rejected God. They were conquered and spread out all over this world. They experienced hell on earth, torture, holocaust. And now, they live again in Israel. Most Christians rejoice for the Jews again.

Does Obamas minister go by the Bible in regards to Israel? Or by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhans judgement against the Jews?

What is wrong with this picture? Did Christ say that Islam would one day rule the earth? And that Israel would never exist again? Why does Obama associate with Syrian crooks? And why does his church announce Hamas terrorist?

Maybe the lesson we all need to learn is to be thankful to God. Otherwise, we can all always be shipped off to nations of unbelievers, whether in Africa, China, Russia, where millions have died, hundreds of millions, where poverty still exist far above anything we have experienced since the great depression.

This is not a black/white issue in the end. In the end, it is a spiritual issue. And Obama's minister failed terribly at preaching the true word of God.

Obama has failed as a follower of Christ in not rebuking his minister fully and in associating with Syrian crooks, sending his security advivor Brezinski to Syria for talks before he's even nominated.

The same dimwitted one world government man that worked for the loser, Carter.

People need to open their eyes.


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Anonymous said...

Carter WAS an idiot! He caused the sub-prime loan failures of today, he set the ground work for OPEC to screw our country, and he enabled the FIRST Islamic terrorist onslaught! Shame on you, you peanut farmin jerk!