Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spinning silk from a sow’s ear

If anyone had a question about what the Democratic Party stands for, it was most assuredly answered during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. If a party was campaigning on “Change,” why would they ever parade shamed Presidents of the past? President Carter, who most recently traveled to meet Hamas and divulge the secrets of how many nuclear weapons Israel has, or maybe President Bill Clinton, only the second President to be impeached in American history. Clinton blamed all the obvious problems of today on President Bush, even though he had a personal hand in at least 6 of the things he blamed Bush for, but once a liar always a liar. The lead off speech by Nancy Pelosi, talking head of the House of Representatives, that almost put everyone to sleep. Al Gore, the self- professed global warming expert who has no scientific credentials. John Kerry, Mr. Swift boat himself, who conducted treasonous, acts against the Viet Nam war. Howard Dean, the screaming idiot of the party. Ted Kennedy, who appeared to receive recognition of his years in service in the Senate. Joe Biden, the newly named Vice Presidential pick, and the source of all new comedy material for late night show hosts, for his numerous verbal gaffes.

If the purpose of the convention was to congratulate each other on failed policies, and appeal to the dissatisfaction of their members, it was certainly an overwhelming success. If the purpose was to attack the Republicans and offer hope for the future, with logical and specific ideas then it was a resounding flop.

No “change” was shown to me, just looks like more of the same, just in a different wrapper.

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