Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Actions, not promises cement a politician’s legacy

Political positions are nothing more then ideas filled with conjecture and opinions. Public (majority) opinion is, however more easily documented. Majority opinion tends to stem from more mainstream ideas, generally from the center of each political party. When a politician tries to institute an idea that doesn’t appeal to mainstream America, he uses a little bit of his political “clout.” One or two of these ideas might be conveniently slipped by his constituents in his political term, but using too much of this political clout not only cements his record, (for good or bad) in history, but serves to alienate his voter base.
Support of a candidate by another tells us volumes about the one offering their support. It gives us insight as to the general policies the supporter approves of. Hillary Clinton’s campaign shows her support for many things that are not main-stream, and more accurately mirror the narcissistic, self serving, elitist, far left view. Many things she supports, are shared in principle by her supporters; support of illegal aliens in our country, forced socialized medicine, forced support of world governance, gay marriage, and “income redistribution.”
In a perfect world political candidates, would actually institute policies that they campaigned on, and not institute policies based on a hidden personally agenda. Governor Martin O’Malley campaigned on a centralist stance, and once elected has pushed far left wing ideologies. His support, along with Sen. Barbara Mikulski, for Hillary Clinton shows this far left stance.
As one radio show used to say, …”who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?….only the shadow knows!

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