Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama’s public statements and actions don’t match

The debates about Barack Obama’s beliefs are coming back to the forefront, and are coming from different fronts. Statements on Snopes.com have previously said that Obama is a Christian, and that he never was schooled as a true Muslim. Obama himself has made public statements about his support for the Israel state, but his actions, and staff may well tell a different story. He has publicly denounced Louis Farrakhan and his “Nation of Islam” church, but yet he had several people who are in the NOI, in higher up positions in his staff. Cynthia K. Miller was treasurer of his US Senate campaign, who has since resigned because of the controversy that surrounded her. Jennifer Mason, another NOI member is still part of his staff. Mason is Obama's Director of Constituent Services in his U.S. Senate office and is also in charge of selecting Obama's Senate interns. Political pundits in the Chicago area have admitted that Obama’s senate district runs directly through NOI territory, and that his win could never have been possible had it not been for the NOI support. It appears that Senator Obama is playing both sides of the fence; he has many Jewish supporters and donors, while all the time employing the visions of George Soros, Bettylu Saltzman, and Robert Malley on their anti-Semite views. Obama has also engaged Zbigniew Brzezinski (whose anti-Israel credentials are impeccable), former advisor to President Carter, whose recent anti-Semitic book is now a clear indication of the views of his administration.
More important then being anti-Israel, is the fact that it would mean you are pro-Arab/ Muslim. Views like this are inexcusable in light of world terrorism as experienced in the last decade. Just the fact that he would entertain the views of such persons is scary, and needs to be addressed.
This article was written as a compilation of several sources, and I invite you to read all the articles and make a decision on your own.





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