Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Democrat’s version of healthcare

Each and every Democrat running for the Presidency wants to start a national healthcare system. Lucky for us right now we can choose whether we want a PPO or an HMO. Granted the cost of health care has spiraled out of control, but this election time we will be made to choose between picking which health plan serves us best, or if we think that the government can pick that for us. Most people think that, whatever the government wants to do is fine as long as we can still pick a plan. A vote for the democrats will make all those choices for us. The democratic vote will be a vote for a standardized type of an HMO plan. Other wise known as “socialized medicine”, and tried most famously by Canada and England, and more infamously known for long diagnosis times, slow testing, and hard to reach specialists. The very healthcare that we receive today in the USA, although expensive, is some of the fastest, best care in the world. Canadians like to brag about their healthcare being “free” which is naïve to say the least. The average Canadian pays close to $20,000 a year for healthcare that has been added to the normal taxes they already paid. They claim their healthcare, because it is government run is a more efficient system then we have in America. If you were to compare their $20,000 HMO state run healthcare to our top of the line PPO policy, we come out way ahead, and best of all we have had the opportunity to choose, and not had the government decide for us. The democrats believe they can pick healthcare better then we can, and that everyone will receive healthcare the same way regardless of our ability to pay for better care. If the healthcare in Canada is so great, why are there situations like this poor man dealing with a cancerous brain tumor, who had to come to the USA for treatment, I guess he never had the chance to talk to Michael Moore…….


Clinton Health Plan May Mean Tapping Pay
By CHARLES BABINGTON (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
February 03, 2008 1:04 PM EST
WASHINGTON - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be willing to have workers' wages garnisheed if they refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.

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