Monday, March 17, 2008

If you loved Kyoto, you will REALLY love Law of the Sea Treaty!

The senate is moving right now as we speak to fully ratify yet another treaty that has been languishing in obscurity for 37 years known to us as “LOST”. Unable to ratify Kyoto, the senate now seeks with George Bush’s help, yes I did say that, George Bush supports yet another treaty based on the world governance of the UN. Although it will be it’s own entity, the new “Council” will be formed in the UN’s governing image, giving them total authority over 7/10ths of the world’s surface. Based on the idea of “social equity” (redistribution of wealth), it will further the cause of economic welfare to poor nations. Every signer will have one vote and one vote alone. Even “land locked” nations will have a vote on items that affect them, even though they won’t contribute equally on a monetary basis.

This agreement extends territorial waters to as much as 350 nautical miles from the coast of signing “States” from the now existing 11 or 12 miles depending on whom you talk to. Disputes will be handled on the one country one vote basis, with no option to veto. The governing body based in Jamaica, with no chance for appeal, will render decisions.

Tricky wording in Article 212 allows a “back door” entry into world governance of air pollution AKA Kyoto. With the only experts allowed entering judgment being on a short list of experts according to the UN…..AKA (IPCC) who supplied the flawed data to Al Gore’s “hockey stick” chart.

I invite you to look over this treaty paying special attention to the following articles:
20, 27, 39, 57, 70, 73, 76, 82, 88, 159, 160, 183, 194, *212, 289
Through the following link:

If after checking my facts, you agree, I urge you to send a letter. You may cut and paste from my letter below or write your own to:

George Bush

Barbara Mikulski

Ben Cardin

Dear ,
Please reconsider your vote on the LOST Treaty, because of my concern on the extension of the UN as a world governing body. I also have reservations on the ability of this treaty to allow a “back door” entry into the Kyoto Protocol. I believe our country should be self governed, and not controlled monetarily by an outside body. I also believe that the US should have more say then a land locked country will. One vote per country does not accurately reflect the relationship of linear miles of shoreline. The seas have been the last open and free area, and signing this agreement for ratification will give the UN control over 7/10ths of the world’s surface, and that is unacceptable.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

This Treaty is in the senate NOW; action is of the utmost importance. It won’t take long to do, and at least our lawmakers will see that someone is watching over their shoulder while they attempt to sign away all the rights that we put into their hands to protect.

Al Ritter

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